PowerPoint: Professional and Efficient Presentations

Very helpful, encourages learning in a relaxed and productive environment

Our PowerPoint Practical workshops will resume in Michaelmas Term 2021

Go beyond creating basic presentations, with our online learning on dynamic presentation tools and our sessions on fully integrating the power of the Office suite to create effective and efficient presentations.  You will work with fellow students or colleagues, utilising your prior experience, web searches, and in-application Help features to find the solutions to real-world problems. 

Workshops will take place online and in person throughout the year. Please note that the content for the online and in-person workshops are the same. Unless (online) shows up in the workshop title, the session will take place on campus in LRB.R.08 in the lower ground floor of the Library.  

Click on the links below to book your place or express an interest so you are notified as soon as a new session is scheduled.  

PowerPoint 1: Designing Slides (Workshop)

Prerequisites: familiarity with PowerPoint

PowerPoint 1 is suited to anyone who would like to make clean and professional presentations. You will learn how to use the Slide Master and PowerPoint themes to make cohesive presentations and use appropriate illustration tools to improve the visualisation and readability of slides. 

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PowerPoint 1: Designing Slides  

PowerPoint 1: Designing Slides (online) 

PowerPoint 2: Formatting Slides (Workshop)

Prerequisites: PowerPoint 1: Designing Slides

In this workshop, you will build on what you have learned in PowerPoint 1. You will learn to link across Excel and PowerPoint to automatically update tables and charts content, align and position multiple elements (images and text boxes) on a slide, and edit images and text in various ways. 

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PowerPoint 2: Formatting Slides    

PowerPoint 2: Formatting Slides (online) 

PowerPoint 3: Professional Slides (Workshop)

Prerequisites: PowerPoint 2: Formatting Slides

This workshop is for anyone who would like to improve their presentation skills. You will learn to use notes and comments in a presentation, apply animations and input audio, create handouts for your audience, and practice pitching your presentation in an effective and interactive way. 

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PowerPoint 3: Professional Slides    

PowerPoint 3: Professional Slides (online) 

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