Word: Well-Formatted Academic Documents

The Student Training Advisors were very nice and friendly - help very appreciated!

Our Word Practical workshops will resume in Michaelmas Term 2021. You will work with fellow students or colleagues, utilising your prior experience, web searches, and in-application Help features to find the solutions to real-world problems.  

Workshops will take place online and in person throughout the year. Please note that the content for the online and in-person workshops are the same. Unless (online) shows up in the workshop title, the session will take place on campus in LRB.R.08 in the lower ground floor of the Library.  

Click on the links below to book your place or express an interest so you are notified as soon as a new session is scheduled.  

Word 1: Dissertation Timesavers and Troubleshooting (Workshop)

Prerequisites: none

In this workshop, you will learn tips and tricks to help streamline the process of writing long academic papers or business reports. This includes creating automatically updating tables of contents, updating the default settings of your Word document, and creating consistent formatting throughout your document. 

Click on the link below to check availability and book your place:  

Word 1: Dissertation Timesavers and Troubleshooting 

Word 1: Dissertation Timesavers and Troubleshooting (online)  

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