Dr Helen Green

Dr Helen Green

Learning Developer, LSE LIFE

Academic and Professional Development

020 7955 7635

About me

I'm one of the Learning Developers here at LSE LIFE, so you might see me at one of our talks or workshops.  After 15 years in the working world—initially in the private sector, then as an international civil servant, at the World Health Organisation and the OECD—I came to LSE in 2007.  I thought I was taking a year do an MSc in Social and Public Communication, recharge my intellectual batteries, and discover a new city.  This “break” led to more curiosity and questions!  One academic thing lead to another, and I did a PhD in social psychology on how the ways we think and interact might help explain the use metaphorical language. 

In parallel to my own study and research, I've spent most of these past ten years teaching and supporting LSE students.  I haven’t kept a precise tally, but I believe I’ve had the privilege of working with students from every department!  One of my favourite areas to work on with students is academic reading.  I think every student can find his or her own way to interrogate authors actively, find links to current interests, discover new interests, and generate those questions that accompany the reader to the next text, conversation, or seminar. 

Apart from my work, I also get great enjoyment from singing and doing handstands—but not usually at the same time.