Who we are

The people behind LSE LIFE, and what they like most about it.

Need to contact LSE LIFE? Email us at lselife@lse.ac.uk, call 020 7852 3580, or come visit us on the Ground Floor of the Library. 

Want to contact the Volunteer Centre? Email volunteer@lse.ac.uk.



My favourite thing about being part of LSE LIFE is connecting students to their interests and passions. It is amazing to hear about all the ways so many students wish to make a difference and supporting them on this journey is a pleasure. 




The thing I love most about LIFE is the genuine care for students and their experience that lies at the heart of everything we do. Each workshop, project and one-to-one is run with the goal of helping all students feel confident in their own abilities. LIFE is truly a space for every student! 


Ben Durant

What I like about LSE LIFE is that no two days are the same – with so many events happening and so many students coming from around the university, I arrive in the morning and cannot predict the work that will come up throughout the day.



The thing I love most about LSE LIFE is the contribution we can make to one’s student experience by connecting the academic life to one’s hobbies, well-being and interpersonal skills. LSE LIFE is the place where dialogues of all kinds can take place, where you learn how to learn and explore with us what the vibrant city of London has to offer.


C Provencher 2022 - 200

I like the way LSE LIFE makes it easier for our students to learn. And I love the creativity and the enthusiasm of the LSE LIFE team, the informal conversations that take place at the reception desk and meeting great students from all over the planet. 



I really enjoy the fact that no two days are ever the same and getting to know the students who use the space. It’s a real privilege to see someone progress through their time at LSE.



What I love about LSE LIFE is the opportunity to help students make the most of their experience at LSE. Additionally, in the Volunteer Centre we help connect them to some incredible charities which are making a difference in communities all across the world which is really fulfilling.




My favorite thing is the sense of community at LSE LIFE. We are a team of dedicated and passionate people who are all working towards the same goal: helping students succeed.

I'm proud to be part of a team that is so committed to providing the best possible support to you, our students. I love helping students every day. I enjoy answering their questions, pointing them in the right direction, and booking appointments with our study advisors. I am happy to be your first point of contact and to help you feel welcome at LSE LIFE




What I like the most about LSE LIFE is that I get to interact with students both on and off campus and that we prove that “Learning Is For Everyone” (which coincidentally spells LIFE!)



My favourite thing about LSE LIFE is how its sole aim is to help students, whether that’s building confidence with public speaking, getting some help with a written essay or helping them see more of London itself. It’s really great to see students finding their feet and making the most of their time at LSE.



My favourite thing? The vast range of things I discover when I talk with students about their ideas for essays and research — I often go look something up after a meeting to learn more about it! It’s a privilege to exchange ideas and learn from students across so many disciplines. 



Our workshops are a unique opportunity for students from the diverse range of disciplines we have at LSE to meet each other, share their concerns, and collaborate. It is a pleasure to see new friendships and connections forming in these workshops.



What I like about LSE LIFE one-to-one is that it is a co-creating communication process, between the adviser and the student. It is dynamic and interactive, magical and fun! I have enjoyed these conversations very much and have learnt a lot from my students! I look forward to speaking with you, academic-wise and/or life-wise, at any point of your study.



LSE LIFE provides valuable resources for LSE students, and not just for writing and revising. It is a place where students can cultivate a better sense of how they fit into the school and its academic culture. It is an antidote to academic isolation. 



What I really like about LSE LIFE is the services that we provide around the School - seeing our Workspaces full of students every day, seeing students attending our workshops and having one-to-one sessions with our Study Advisers all make me very proud of working in LSE LIFE.


Maria-Christina Vogkli

LSE LIFE is a space for students to be listened to without judgement and receive tailored support! What I love is working together to find creative solutions and tangible strategies to any challenges they may face. From improving essay writing skills and finding ways to manage time effectively to making the overall studying experience more enjoyable and less stressful, LSE LIFE is the place to come to overcome any concerns! 


mayisha square

I enjoy supporting students through their LSE journey. Talking to students about their academic and personal development enables me to motivate and encourage students to keep going, and watch them excel through discussions, laughter and teamwork.



I think LSE LIFE is all about learning and developing, and that goes for staff as much as students. I love that I can work with students from a whole range of different disciplines and I can learn from their ideas just like they can learn from mine.



LSE LIFE is a great place because we want to build respectful, mutual learning relationships with students. And this allows us to uniquely experiment with different forms and ideas of learning where everybody participates in the learning process.



I love working in LSE LIFE because we get the chance to contribute to students’ development beyond the classroom, providing opportunities for students to apply classroom learnings and develop new skills in ‘real world’ contexts.



It’s a fantastic place to meet people from many different countries and backgrounds, and to help them develop during their academic journey. There’s also something new happening every day.



My favourite thing about LSE LIFE is that it allows you to be a lifelong learner. Working with such a dynamic team and students means that every space is a sort of ‘classroom.’