Mayisha Ahsan

Mayisha Ahsan

Student Adviser, LSE LIFE

Academic and Professional Development

Key Expertise

About me

I graduated from the LSE with a BSc Hons in Sociology in 2017, and straight after I became part of the LSE LIFE team. As a sociologist, I live by the motto “social cohesion and social integration should be placed at the heart of an institution.” Thus, I decided to join LSE LIFE, as it brings together students from all walks of life and from different disciplines in one location, where all excel together through teamwork, discussions and laughter.

I am an ambitious individual who loves bringing social change into existence for the better. At the age of 18 I deviated from social expectations by becoming the first female in the Bengali local community to pursue higher education. Today, I am an advocate for young Bengali women, as I inspire, encourage and empower young Bengali females to pursue higher education.

There are two major projects that I am currently working on. The first is looking at how second year undergraduates perceive their second year experience here at the LSE and discover if there are ways in which departments and professional services divisions can support students to succeed in their second year. The second project that I devised is called the skills-up programme, which is a series of workshops that provide disadvantaged teenagers from my local area with the opportunity to develop an awareness of, learn about, and successfully apply soft skills in their personal and professional lives. These two projects are extremely satisfying experiences, as they enable me to contribute to possible positive changes within the institution and my local community. 

Three cool things about me are: I can’t do without a smile, a coffee and a bit of banter. I am a bubbly character, who loves socialising and meeting new people – I can strike up a conversation within minutes, actually, probably seconds. Therefore, the majority of my work revolves around people. As an LSE LIFE Study Adviser, I enjoy engaging in deep conversations with students, where their needs and concerns are placed at the heart of the discussion. So, if you are looking for someone to speak to, why not book a one-to-one appointment with me via Student Hub. I look forward to welcoming you and providing you with a safe space where you can freely have a chat and express yourself.