Dr Giovanni Graglia

Dr Giovanni Graglia

Student Adviser

Academic and Professional Development

About me

Like many of my colleagues, I am also a graduate of the School – my BA in History dates back to 2009, and I obtained my PhD, again in History, in 2014.

Over the years I have held a number of posts here at LSE. I started working in Passfield and Rosebery hall when I was doing my undergraduate degree, gave a hand to the Registry team throughout my PhD years, and later moved to the Student Services Centre Advice Team in 2014. I now split my time between LSE LIFE, where I work as a Student Adviser, and the International History department, where I teach at undergraduate and postgraduate level.

My time as a student at LSE was absolutely superb (so much so that I don’t rule out the possibility of pursuing another MSc here one day!). My six years were about more than studying – although there was a fair bit of that too – as I had the chance to listen to some world-class speakers, make use of the countless opportunities that London has to offer, and even managed to win two national championships with the School’s basketball team.

When I’m not on campus, I can be spotted walking along the Thames with my baby daughter, running and volunteering at Southwark parkrun, reading 19th and 20th century novels, or visiting museums and art galleries.

I would like all the students here to have as wonderful an experience as I did, and if you think I can help, just book a 1:2:1 with me!