Talks & Workshops

We have a huge range of activities built around a series of topic areas including writing, reading, referencing and being organised. These activities take the form of talks, workshops and drop-in sessions.

Talks take place in a lecture theatre, and are a general session providing a foundation for understanding the given area. Workshops are smaller, more interactive sessions which take place in LSE LIFE Workspace 2 and provide specific and practical infomation on a specific aspect of the topic. Finally, drop-in sessions are run weekly by our partners from around the university. Full details of the drop-in sessions on offer can be found on our drop-in session page

Resources including slides, handouts and recordings (for our talks) from all of our events are made available on our Moodle page after the session. You can also sign up to our LSE LIFE Weekly Update email in order to stay up to date with everything that's going on in LSE LIFE. 

In addition to our talks and workshops, we also offer half hour one-to-one sessions, Monday - Friday, 10am - 6pm. You can book a session via our one-to-one booking page

Learn independently
Make notes
Think critically
Find and reference resources
Conduct research
Think by numbers
Ace my exams
Create a great dissertation
Get the job I want
Choose a career I'll enjoy
Make the world a better place
Understand myself
Be organised
Be social
Be creative
Be healthy
Make the most of LSE and London
Use technology

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