Walk & Talk

Talk with LSE LIFE about your studies. Outside.

You can now discuss study-related topics with an LSE LIFE adviser, while taking a stroll around Lincoln’s Inn Fields. Example of topics you can talk about include: planning your time; managing your dissertation research; revising for exams; using reading strategies or developing an argument. And more!

Why walk and talk? Research from the fields of education and psychology shows that a change from your usual work environment, a gentle walk, fresh air and the sounds of spring can all inspire diversity of thought and well-being:

  • Walking can open up the free flow of ideas, creativity and problem-solving.
  • Talking with someone can help explore different perspectives and options.
  • Green spaces can be refreshing and help restore attention and focus.

Appointments are 30 minutes, start and finish at LSE LIFE reception and offered by Jack, Philip, Gio, Sara and Gemma. Find out more about our one-to-one sessions.