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LIFE in London

What do you think about when you think about London? Is it Samuel Johnson saying “who’s tired of London is tired of life”, or Joe Strummer singing “London calling at the top of the dial/ And after all this, won't you give me a smile”, or do you picture yourself as Hugh Grant on one of his walkabouts in About a Boy?

Where is your favourite spot? A cosy bookshop in Soho? Fabric on a Friday night? Or maybe Tate Modern’s new terrace?

Regardless of what your answer to the questions above might be, LIFE in London is a series of workshops, events and talks designed to inspire you to make the most of your experience in this unique city.

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A way to help you think about some of the key skills you'll need during your time at university (and beyond!). The tool is your guide to reflecting on the skills and experience you already have, and on those areas where you'd like to develop further. 

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Quant4Qual aims to ignite an interest in the theory and practice of empirical research within the qualitative student body at LSE, whilst also offering an opportunity for quantitative students to gain valuable teaching experience that can be transferred into careers in academia.

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Student Academic Mentor programme

The Student Academic Mentor (SAM) programme is a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for undergraduate students, delivered in collaboration with academic departments.

The SAM programme matches second and third year student mentors with incoming first year student mentees from the same department. The aim is for the student mentors to help new students to make the most of LSE, access the right support resources and settle into life at LSE.

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Walk & Talk

Discuss study-related topics with an LSE LIFE adviser, while taking a stroll around Lincoln’s Inn Fields.

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Work It Out

Our work environment is transforming in exciting yet challenging ways and with the future being shaped by technological innovations and new job roles being created every day, it’s uncertain as to what the future workforce might look like.

One thing, however, will remain the same: the pursuit of purpose. Do you want a career that’s fulfilling?

If the answer is yes, Work it out is for you! LSE Careers and LSE LIFE have come up with an exciting series of events that will allow you to explore the concept of meaningful work. Through these events you will gain a clearer idea of what your key priorities and values are for your future career choices.

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