LIFE in London

What do you think about when you think about London? Is it Samuel Johnson saying “who’s tired of London is tired of life”, or Joe Strummer singing “London calling at the top of the dial/ And after all this, won't you give me a smile”, or do you picture yourself as Hugh Grant on one of his walkabouts in About a Boy?

Where is your favourite spot? A cosy bookshop in Soho? Fabric on a Friday night? Or maybe Tate Modern’s new terrace?

What do you do to unwind in this big city? Run along Regent’s Canal? Treat yourself to a nice meal in Exmouth Market? Or visit a small museum off the beaten path?

Regardless of what your answer to the questions above might be, LIFE in London is a series of workshops, events and talks designed to inspire you to make the most of your experience in this unique city. There are group visits to museums and exhibitions, sessions dedicated to finding ways to volunteer and kick-start your career in London, workshops designed to inspire you to maximize your talents while living in this vibrant place, and plenty more.

Browsing through the countless exhibitions, plays, concerts and festivals happening in London on a daily basis can be daunting, but maybe we can show you a trick or two to find more information about events that are right for you (and also watch out for LSE LIFE’s weekly calendar, where you’ll be able to see some of the coolest events on offer every week).

No sane person could ever claim to be able to tell you everything there is to know about London, but coming along to a LIFE in London event is a great way to meet other people, get to know your (new?) city a little better and help you figure out how you can be part of this city! 

Here is a list of all the events we're running in Michaelmas Term. Booking for each session opens three weeks before the session happens. 


Southwark Parkrun

Saturday 17th November, 9am (Booking opens 27th October)

Fancy a different start to your weekend? Come join LSE LIFE study adviser Gio Graglia and the people of Southwark Parkrun on their weekly 5k. Whether you are a young Mo Farah aiming to cover the distance in less than 20 minutes, or you want to enjoy the scenery and walk the 5k in an hour, Parkrun is the place for you. 

Oceania at the Royal Academy of Arts
Thursday 22nd November, 2.30pm (Booking opens 1st November)

For another artsy LIFE in London trip, we've decided to take a group of students to the Royal Academy of Arts in Burlington House, one of the most impressive buildings on Piccadilly. Come and join us on our afternoon trip to the Royal Academy of Arts, where we will also have the opportunity to see their new exciting exhibition: Oceania (specially designed to mark 250 years since Cook's first Pacific voyage) Meet at LSE LIFE Workspace 1 at 2:30 pm and we’ll walk to Burlington House together, or let us know if you prefer meeting us there at 3:00 pm. 

City Hall
Wednesday 28th November, 10.15am

Interested in how London is governed? City Hall is the Mayor of London's headquarters and home to London's governing body, the London Assembly. The Mayor is publically elected every four years to manage the governance of Greater London. Opened in 2002, City Hall was designed by Sir Norman Foster who also designed the Gherkin Tower and the LSE Library staircase! Find out how London is governed on this visit.

Meet at City Hall at 10.15am.

Romeo & Juliet at the Barbican
Thursday 29th November, 12.30pm

Come and join us for the most famous of Shakespeare's love stories at the Barbican!

What if your first true love was someone you’d been told to hate? Shakespeare’s most famous story explodes with intense passion and an irresistible desire for change but leads all too quickly to devastating consequences.

Meet in LSE LIFE workspace 1 at 12.30 and we'll walk to the Barbican together!

What we've been up to

An insider's guide to London
Tuesday 25th September, 4pm & Wednesday 3rd October, 3pm

So you have now been living in London for a while (weeks, months, or maybe all your life!), but how well do you know the city? Come along to this workshop to find out more what London has to offer to people studying here, get a few tips on making your money go further when booking concerts, theatre or cinema tickets and discuss with other students how to make the most of London (and possibly share a couple of your own tricks).

The best _____ in London
Thursday 27th September, 4pm & Monday 1st October, 3pm

From cultural and historical places – to food, drink and entertainment. Discover the best of what London has to offer.

LSE to St Paul's
Tuesday 9th October, 2pm

One of the best ways to see a city is on foot. Join us on Wednesday afternoon for a walk. Starting at LSE, we’ll take in the sights of Lincoln's Inn, Temple, Dr Johnson's House and St Paul’s Cathedral, before stopping for a drink at the end! Meet in LSE LIFE workspace 1. Remember to wear comfortable shoes!

Picnic in Lincoln's Inn Fields
Thursday 11th October, 12pm

Michaelmas Term has just started and there are hundreds of things going on, but you have to remember to eat well, be social and treat yourself. We are hoping to make this a bit easier for you - sign up for our picnic in Lincoln's Inn Fields! 

Harry Potter Walking Tour
Wednesday 17th October, 1pm (Booking opens 26th September)

Want to see the London locations where Harry Potter scences were filmed? Then come with us on a walking tour in Harry Potter's footsteps. A professional guide from Strawberry Tours will take us to the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley and many other locations!

Royal Courts of Justice
Tuesday 23rd October, 2.30pm (Booking opens 2nd October)

Join us for a talk and tour of the Royal Courts of Justice, just a few minitues away from LSE. With miles of enchanting corridors and stunning 19th century Gothic architecture, we will immerse ourselves in the history of the courts. Tour highlights include The Great Hall; viewing of original court documents relating to ‘Guy Fawkes’ from year 1605; exhibition of legal costumes; history about the fabulous Art, including works by Wright, Lawrence and Shee and the history of the RCJ’s famous cases and Inquiries.

St Paul's Evensong
Thursday 25th October, 4.15pm (Booking opens 5th October)

This is a choral Cathedral service which is led almost entirely by music, something that is extremely popular with visitors regardless of religion and background.

Space Shifters at the Hayward Gallery
Monday 29th October, 2pm (Booking opens 8th October)

The Hayward Gallery has recently re-opened, come with us to take a look at their new exhibition - Shape Shifters. And remember, musing with people in front of a mysterious work by Kapoor or Gonzalez-Torres is a great way to make friends!

The Crystal
Thursday 1st November, 2pm (Booking opens 11th October)

The Crystal, in the wonderful setting of Victoria Dock, is one of the world's most sustainable buildings. Come with us to visit visit their exhibition, which is the world’s largest dedicated to urban sustainability. It looks at cities in the year 2050, the main challenges they will be facing (urbanisation, climate change and demographic change) and technologies that will help them become more sustainable and combat these issues – renewable energies, water recycling, smart buildings and transport solutions, and more! Meet us at LSE LIFE, and we'll travel there together by tube.