LIFE in London

What do you think about when you think about London? Is it Samuel Johnson saying “who’s tired of London is tired of life”, or Joe Strummer singing “London calling at the top of the dial/ And after all this, won't you give me a smile”, or do you picture yourself as Hugh Grant on one of his walkabouts in About a Boy?

Where is your favourite spot? A cosy bookshop in Soho? Fabric on a Friday night? Or maybe Tate Modern’s new terrace?

What do you do to unwind in this big city? Run along Regent’s Canal? Treat yourself to a nice meal in Exmouth Market? Or visit a small museum off the beaten path?

Regardless of what your answer to the questions above might be, LIFE in London is a series of workshops, events and talks designed to inspire you to make the most of your experience in this unique city. There are group visits to museums and exhibitions, sessions dedicated to finding ways to volunteer and kick-start your career in London, workshops designed to inspire you to maximize your talents while living in this vibrant place, and plenty more.

Browsing through the countless exhibitions, plays, concerts and festivals happening in London on a daily basis can be daunting, but maybe we can show you a trick or two to find more information about events that are right for you (and also watch out for LSE LIFE’s weekly calendar, where you’ll be able to see some of the coolest events on offer every week).

No sane person could ever claim to be able to tell you everything there is to know about London, but coming along to a LIFE in London event is a great way to meet other people, get to know your (new?) city a little better and help you figure out how you can be part of this city! 

Upcoming events

LIFE in London Goes Bowling
Tuesday 5th June, 2:30pm

Good job, you are now done with your LSE exams! The real question now is: can you bowl? Test your ability and find out the answer with us!

Past events 

Harry Potter Walking Tour
Wednesday 14th March, 1pm

Want to see the London locations where Harry Potter scences were filmed? Then come with us on a walking tour in Harry Potter's footsteps. A professional guide from Strawberry Tours will take us to the Ministry of Magic, Diagon Alley, the Leaky Cauldron, Knockturn Alley and many other locations!

St Martin-in-the-Fields lunchtime concert
Tuesday 24th April, 12pm

Come and join us on this lunchtime trip! We will be heading to St Martin in the Fields for a concert by the Purcell School. What a great revision break!

British Museum 3 Highlights
Wednesday 2nd May, 1pm

Haven't been to the British museum yet? Fancy a break from your revision? We have the solution for you! Come and join us on this quick trip, where we will take in the Lion Hunt of Ashurbanipal, the Elgin Marbles and the Rosetta Stone before heading back to campus (although you are more than welcome to stay around to admire more artefacts!).

Temple Church Organ Recital
Wednesday 9th May, 1pm

Come and join us if you like the idea of spending your lunch break in one of London's most iconic religious buildings, with the accompaniment of an organist performing Bach's preludes and fugues!

Picnic in Lincoln's Inn Fields
Tuesday 15th May, 1pm

Even during exam season you have to remember to eat well, be social and treat yourself. We are hoping to make this a bit easier for you - sign up for our picnic in Lincoln's Inn Fields!

Grant Museum of Zoology Top 10
Thursday 24th May, 1pm

Have you ever wondered how the brains of different mammals look? Or thought about the shape of a dodo's bones? Or possibly how a jar of moles would look like? Come and find out as we head to the Grant Museum of Zoology together!

Wellcome Collection 30-minute tour
Tuesday 29th May, 11am

The Wellcome Collection is a unique museum exploring ideas about the connections between medicine, life and art. Come join us on this 30 minute group tour, the ideal way to end your exam season in an usual way!

LIFE in London: Sightseeing Walk
Wednesday 8th November, 3pm

LIFE in London: Ice Skating at Somerset House
Wednesday 15th November, 2:30pm

LIFE in London: Group Visit to the Courtauld Gallery
Wednesday 22nd November, 11:45am

LIFE in London: Knit for neighbours in need
Wednesday 29th November, 3pm

LIFE in London: Visit to the Royal Academy of Arts
Tuesday 5th December, 3pm

LIFE in London: Visit to 180 Strand
Thursday 7th November, 3:30pm

LIFE in London: Southwark Parkrun tinsel run
Saturday 9th November, 9am

LIFE in London: Julius Caesar at the Barbican
Thursday 11th January, 12:40pm

LIFE in London: Discover Roman London at the Mithraeum
Tuesday 16th January, 9:45am

LIFE in London:  Visit to Sir John Soane's museum
Thursday 18th January, 3:15pm

LIFE in London: St Paul's Solemn Vespers
Tuesday 23rd January, 4:30pm

LIFE in London: Inside Tower Bridge
Tuesday 30th January, 3:15pm

LIFE in London: Professional Basketball at the Olympic Park
Wednesday 9th February, 7:30pm

LIFE in London: Talk & Tour of the Royal Courts of Justice
Thursday 22nd February, 1:45pm

LIFE in London: Visit to City Hall
Tuesday 6th March, 9:45am