Student Academic Mentor programme





Certain things I learned on my course took 10 weeks to understand, and when I actually understood it, it would have taken me two minutes to explain to someone else.
I've learnt that I have come a long way since first year. Being able to provide someone with that extra help, which seems so simple to me now, can make such a difference for them


What is the Student Academic Mentor (SAM) programme?

The Student Academic Mentor (SAM) programme is a peer-to-peer mentoring programme for undergraduate students, offered by academic departments but coordinated by LSE LIFE. The SAM programme matches second and third year student mentors with incoming first year student mentees from the same department. The aim is for the student mentors to help new students with their academic studies and access the right support resources.

The idea for the programme first came from two undergraduate students in Economics, who wanted to help first year students access academic support from their peers. In this way, SAM is a student-to-student mentoring model, designed by students, for students. 

SAM mentors

As a student academic mentor, you will work with your department to help new students make the most of LSE, access the right support resources and settle into life here. You will receive training and support from LSE LIFE throughout your time as a mentor.

Why become a SAM mentor?

  • The transition to university for new first year students can be very difficult, as a mentor you can share your experiences and help students adjust to their new routine. 
  • You’ll help to build a stronger, more collaborative community in your department and enhance university life for your mentees
  • Mentoring will help you develop new skills: leadership, communication, organisation, time management, listening and building rapport
  • You will have priority access to various learning and development opportunities throughout the year
  • You will receive a certificate upon completion, signed by the Head of LSE LIFE, enhancing your future employability 

SAM mentees

As a first year student, if you sign up for SAM, you will be matched with a senior student in your department, who has been where you are, had some difficult and some positive moments in their studies, and made it through successfully.

Why become a SAM mentee?

  • Starting university can be an adjustment - having a mentor will help ease the transition and provide you with academic and social support
  • You will benefit from the support and guidance of a peer within the same department, who has valuable knowledge and experience
  • Mentors are in a good position to answer your questions and give you tips ranging from exam tips, time management, and course choices to how to save money, and the best places to eat around campus
  • You will get regular opportunities to meet your mentor which will help you integrate into LSE’s dynamic community
  • Your own skills and subject knowledge will improve and you’ll increase in confidence   

Why get involved?

The SAM programme hopes to build stronger learning collaborative communities within departments, breaking down any barriers between individual year groups so that students can gain a greater engagement in both university life, and their academic work, facilitated by peer-to-peer support. If you want to be a part of this, please get involved! 

What to do now

The SAM programme is delivered in collaboration with academic departments, and is currently available to students in the following departments: Accounting, Anthropology, Economics, Economic History, Geography, Government,  International History, International Relations, Management, Mathematics, Philosophy, Social Policy, Sociology and Statistics. Law students should contact their department for details of the Law mentoring scheme.

For further information, please contact