Dissertation one-to-one sessions

Dissertation research and writing are challenging!  And sometimes nothing is more helpful than a chat with someone in the know.  From drafting texts to quantitative analysis, using specialist databases to research ethics, writing code to building a coherent argument -- there are advisers and specialists you can talk to, one-to-one, this summer while you're working on your dissertation.


LSE LIFE Study Advisers

Book an appointment with an LSE LIFE study adviser to talk about

  • ways to approach your own practice of drafting, editing, and proofreading your work
  • ideas for making and using notes to write your text
  • different approaches to structuring your dissertation
  • inspiration for planning your time and keeping up your motivation
  • practical tips for conducting and writing up your research and where you can learn more about the methods you choose use
  • what it actually means to "engage with the literature" and "find your critical voice"
  • how you can develop your research question and your overall research narrative
  • insight into improving your writing by considering past feedback and experiences working to deadlines
  • where you can learn more about research methods if they are new to you
  • and more!

You can also have a chat with an LSE LIFE study adviser if you don't have a specific question and you'd simply like to talk with someone who has experience with conducting and writing up research.  Or if you have a particular question and don't know who at the School might be able to help - we can help you look!

LSE LIFE does not provide proofreading services.  We can talk with you about how you can learn to proofread your own work better, though!  The Language Centre offers a paid proofreading service, as do other service providers.


We can help you

  • Structure your dissertation
  • Develop your writing process
  • Organise your time
  • Navigate your literature review
  • Find inspiration and ideas through discussion
  • Be creative and think about practicalities related to research methods
  • Find your narrative by discussing a draft outline or abstract together


We’re not able to

  • Define the scope of your research for you
  • Formulate research questions for you
  • Determine how much data you need
  • Tell you how to analyse your data
  • Resolve substantive issues around research design or methods
  • Read draft chapters or sections in advance and give feedback
  • Proofread your work



Get in touch with LSE librarians if you'd like help with

  • when and how to cite and reference your sources
  • options for managing your references (like Zotero, Mendeley, or EndNote)
  • techniques to search effectively for books, articles, and other literature about your topic
  • access to data and statistics, including financial, company, and market information - and country reports
  • how to explore archives and other historical resources
  • where to find online collections of print news, television, and other media
  • exploring discipline-specific and specialist databases for sources in your subject area.

Remember, you can contact any of the librarians with your questions - or opt to get in touch with the dedicated librarian for your department.


Data management, data protection, and research ethics.

Book a place on Thursday afternoons for support with research ethics, data management, copyright, and data protection. We can talk together about your questions on

  • obtaining informed consent from research participants
  • designing and conducting ethical research and following ethical review procedures
  • creating and following your data management plan and ways to save, organise, and back up your data and your work
  • anonymising your data to protect participants' privacy
  • keeping confidential data confidential
  • copyright and legal issues around accessing and using data


Digital Skills Lab productivity software support

Drop in for digital expertise supporting formatting and tips on using the following software (8/10 - 8/20): 

  • Word
  • Excel 
  • PowerPoint 
  • Secure file sharing (through OneDrive and Teams)
  • Transcription (through Teams and Stream)

Monday 2 to 3 pm

Tuesday 11-12 pm

Wednesday 4-5 pm

Thursdays 10 to 11 am

Friday 1-2 pm 


How to join 

1. Go to the teams overview. 

2. Click on 'Join or create team' button. 

3. Enter the code 1bfehik 

4. Click on the Collaboration Software channel in the DSL-Drop-in-Support team page 

5. Scroll down to the latest conversation to enter your question. 


If you cannot attend a drop in session and would still like support or have difficulties in joining, please email digital.skills.lab@lse.ac.uk


Digital Skills Lab research software support

Drop in for digital expertise on coding and help with statistical software packages including

  • Python
  • R
  • NVivo
  • SPSS
  • Stata
  • LaTex
  • GitHub
  • Qualtrics

Check out the Digital Skills Lab research software drop-in sessions, under the drop-in heading, for one-to-one support on any of these pieces of software, Monday - Friday.