Develop your ideas and research story


The dissertation you'll submit is not simply 10,000 words organised into sections - it is your research story, centred around your research question. From what is currently understood, through an investigation and analysis, to a reasoned discussion based on what you've learned about the causes of things: you're crafting a narrative of knowledge.


Who can I speak to?

Surely one of the best ways to develop a story is to try it out on someone!  Talk through your research and what you're trying to find out with others whenever you have an opportunity. LSE LIFE study advisers have all done their own research and can provide advice based on their own experience. Bounce around ideas about how to plan and conduct research (and managing a research project alongside competing deadlines!).


Events and resources

Structure your dissertation

Develop your research question

Tell the story of your research

Part 1: The Literature Review Dinner Party

Part 2: Creating a Storyboard 

A launch pad for thinking about your research question

Where do research questions come from?

What kinds of research questions are there?

How can I generate my own research questions?


What next?

What other stories are related to the one you'd like to tell?

How can your data help you tell your story?

Transform your story ideas into a well-crafted text