LSE100 Prize Winners Reception 2022

There are four stages of creativity: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification.

Graham Wallace

On Thursday 20 October 2022, LSE100 held a drinks reception for the winners of the awards for Outstanding Academic Achievement and the Sir Robert Worcester Prize for Exceptional Academic Performance from among the 2021/22 first year undergraduate cohort. 

The prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement is awarded to students for outstanding work on their interdisciplinary group research project. This prize is awarded to groups who are nominated by their teacher and who demonstrate a commitment to interdisciplinary investigation, effective collaboration, and engaging communication of their research findings. The Sir Robert Worcester prize for Exceptional Academic Performance was established following a generous gift to LSE100 from Sir Robert Worcester, Emeritus Governor of the School and founding member of the LSE100 Steering Committee. It is awarded to the student, or students, who receive the highest overall mark on LSE100 each year. 

Professor Emma McCoy, LSE Pro-Director (Education), addresses the LSE100 prize winners

The event took place on the 8th floor of the New Academic Building and we were delighted to welcome Professor Emma McCoy, the new Pro-Director for Education at LSE. In her address to the prize winners Prof McCoy reflected on the findings from a recent alumni survey which showcased what past students had got from their time at LSE. She noted that many of the responses focused on the wide range of connections alumni were able to build while at the School and the opportunities provided by being in such a dynamic intellectual environment. Prof McCoy called on the prize winners to seize these opportunities and to make the most of studying full-time at LSE. 

The prizes were awarded by Dr Chris Blunt and Dr Jillian Terry, the LSE100 Co-Directors, who read out citations from the LSE100 teaching team about the work produced by each of the groups who received a prize for Outstanding Academic Achievement. The comments reflected the variety of outstanding work that was produced on the course in 2021/22 when students tackled the question: How can we control AI! The topics ranged from 'An AI Solution to Rhino Poaching in the African Continent' to 'Automation: AI transition and the Problem of Job Polarisation'. 

As well a the prize winners we were also joined by colleagues from across the School, including Dr Claudine Provencher (Director of Academic and Professional Development), Dr Claire Gordon (Director of the Eden Centre), as well as colleagues from academic departments, including Economics and Management. A full list of the all the LSE100 prize winners can be found here and below you can find a gallery of images of the winning groups, as well as the recipient of the Sir Robert Worcester prize for Exceptional Academic Performance.

Dev Patel, winner of the Sir Robert Worcester prize for Exceptional Academic Performance, with Dr Jillian Terry (Co-Director, LSE100)
Raphael Dembo-Shah (Geography and Environment), Kaya Karatas (Anthropology), Iacopo Nassigh (Anthropology) and Nicolas Vallada (Anthropology)


Yanxi Liao (Mathematics) and Yashvardhan Singh (Law School)
Will Nutbrown (Management), Weibo Wang (Management) and Lucheng Xie (Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method)
Grace Niu (Economics), Helen Teward (International History) and Wentao Zhu (Mathematics)
Virginia Bianchini (Economic History), Zane Morais (Statistics) and Julius Schenk (Management)
Yicheng Lian (Accounting), Gabrielle Marciniak (Economics), Dev Patel (Economics) and Gabriel Tan (Geography and Environment)
William Song (Economics) and Aditi Vittal (Economics)
Rahul Gill (Geography and Environment) and Charlotte Rushton (Law School)