What makes you feel #partofLSE?

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This Michaelmas Term, a selection of students and staff shared their stories about what makes them feel #partofLSE’s unique community. 

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Photos by LSE photographer Nigel Stead.

Dame Minouche Shafik, LSE Director

"There are many things that make LSE truly exceptional – its intellectual firepower, its openness to the world, and that it is home to people from all backgrounds and outlooks who come together around ideas that excite and inspire them. Speaking as a former LSE student myself, these are the ways that I feel #partofLSE."



Spencer Javangwe, Financial Systems Support Officer, Finance Division

"I think the diversity at LSE offers a diversity of experiences, and life should be about experiences. I would say to students and staff, look for the things that you are not familiar with, the things you haven’t done and take part in those, to feel #partofLSE."



Helena Vieira, Managing Editor, LSE Business Review

"The great thing about LSE is that it has this multicultural community. People from all over the world – I’ve never seen so many nations represented in just one institution. I also think that being #partofLSE is very intellectually stimulating. I’m a very curious person and LSE makes me feel like I am in the right place for my interests." 



Duncan Green, Professor in Practice, Department of International Development

"As a Professor in Practice, I invite a lot of speakers from the aid industry to speak in my classes: senior people working in NGOs who can share with students what it’s really like to work on the ground. The thing I love about it is the student reactions. My students and former students – who you bump into everywhere – make me feel #partofLSE. It’s very nourishing."



Megan Beddoe, Activities and Development Officer, LSE Students' Union

"How do I think students can feel #partofLSE? By getting involved in the community. Everyone is here to make the most of new experiences, so be open to talking to people and go for it! I’d never played basketball before joining LSE, but being part of the team and the Athletics Union was amazing. We’re like a family now."

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Dr Jason Hickel, LSE Fellow, Department of Anthropology

"It makes me proud to be #partofLSE when students and staff come together and find ways to improve our community. I identify with the School’s Fabian roots, and that legacy is still here in spirit. It creates a bond among us and makes LSE a unique place. The School attracts people who have a common commitment to grappling with difficult social issues and a passion for imagining a better world."  



Samantha Da Costa, Faculty Accommodation and Relocation Manager, Residential and Catering Services Division

"Managing faculty accommodation gives me the opportunity to meet our new academics, and it’s a privilege to be one of their first points of contact. They are usually completely new to the School, and London, and that often means I get to see their more personal side as I guide them through relocating. It’s a fulfilling and enjoyable role, and I really value the long-lasting friendships I make as #partofLSE." 



Chris Hunt, Communications & Operations Manager, LSE Student Services Centre

"What makes me feel #partofLSE is the real sense of inclusivity at the School. Everybody is always willing to listen to one another and learn. It’s something I felt both when I was a student and now as a member of staff – there’s a real desire to make things better. The collaboration across the community is very impressive."



Dr Judith Shapiro, Undergraduate Tutor, Department of Economics

"Students make me proud to be #partofLSE. I first joined the School in 1962, so I know about the School’s past, but current students make me feel excited about the future too. That’s why receiving my second teaching award – this one for welfare and pastoral support – was so special to me. It reflects why I’m here: to make a personal difference and help students achieve their goals." 



Mahatir Pasha, General Secretary, LSE Students' Union

"My time at LSE has been defined by the Students’ Union. It’s where I met many friends and how I got involved in student politics. That’s why I ran to be General Secretary – I gained so much from the SU that I wanted to give back to help others feel #partofLSE."



Professor Sandra Jovchelovitch, Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science

"LSE gives us all who are part of this international community a sense of home, a sense of what is best in British universities and institutions. I think LSE is exemplary of the spirit of British universities: it’s open, international and global. It’s firmly connected to the UK yet it’s completely open to the world. That makes it unique and special to be #partofLSE."



Hayley Reed and Dan Smith, LSE Spectrum committee members

"Our biggest achievement this year was raising the Pride flag at LSE for the first time. It was heart-warming to see such visible support for LGBT+ people and we’re proud that LSE’s senior leaders are committed, in word and action, to Spectrum and the work that we do. As one #partofLSE, we know that everyone benefits when different parts of the School come together to work as a community." 



Christine Sweeney, MSc Global Media and Communications student 

"What’s important to me at LSE? The conversations I have with people. Studying can be very independent work, but talking to others about policy issues and sharing different perspectives makes me feel #partofLSE’s community. That’s why I’d recommend connecting with classmates to go through readings together. It’s how I made a lot of friends!" 



Daniel Beckley, LSE Security Officer, with the Skip Fit Class

"I enjoy my Skip Fit classes because it is an example of where the people who are #partofLSE come together initially as colleagues, and then as friends, to lead healthier lives. That’s special!" 



Christine Deng, 3rd Year BSc International Relations student and former President of the LSESU UN Society

"Last year I was President of the LSE SU UN Society. We organised a wide range of activities including our own Model UN Conference, a mentorship scheme with professionals at the New York Times and DFID, and the 5 day Refugee Week which was fully funded by the LSE Annual Fund. It’s great that we could be #partofLSE."