Creating and Innovating

Creativity is something that can be nurtured and developed, and involves analysing problems, coming at them from a new perspective and solving them in an innovative way, as well as artistic creativity.

Ever experienced a mental block when faced with a certain problem? Creating and Innovating is all about learning how to see problems in a new, exciting way, being confident in your ideas, and learning the skills to innovate and disrupt. This year more than ever before we need to innovate and disrupt the status-quo in order to come up with creative and impactful solutions to society's most pressing problems.

Creativity is a huge advantage whether you choose to continue study, begin a professional career or start your own business. It will help you present yourself, your work and your vision in an impactful and engaging way.  

On this page, you can find guidance on shaping your development and boosting your skills, as well as learning about LSE's training, tools and platforms. These will help you create, innovate, and launch your ideas into the world for maximum impact and to contribute to a better tomorrow. 

How can you enhance your creative and innovative thinking at LSE?

  • Kick-start your entrepreneurial spark and join LSE Generate for events and challenges from innovation retreats to reverse mentoring. 
  • Sign up to Generate's new mentoring app to be inspired, gain confidence and build your entrepreneurial network! 
  • Check out Generate’s SOS (Survival, Opportunity, Sanity) guide for entrepreneurs to continue innovating in uncertain times.  
  • Sign up to Generate’s newsletter.
  • Prepare for situations at university and beyond by honing your communication, developing presentation skills and creating impact with your body language in sessions with LSE LIFE and LSE Careers.
  • LSE Generate has just opened up their new coworking space in Kentish Town for students and alumni to share ideas, inspire, and learn more about building and scaling impactful businesses - email to book.

How have LSE students gone on to create impact through innovative ideas?

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LSE Generate success stories

Read success stories from LSE Generate entrepreneurs

Where else can I find inspiration and guidance?

Try looking in diverse places for inspiration to spark your creativity. The School of Life offers creative and innovative ways to working out how to lead a more fulfilled life. Google Arts and Culture enables you to explore content and interactive cultural experiences, and see how art and technology intersect to show creativity in a new way. Use the app rather than the desktop version to play with the augmented reality features.

creative challenge series

You can also explore the Aspect and LSE Generate Creative Challenge Series - unique and powerful conversations between social scientists and artists to explore our approaches to solving the world's most pressing challenges. 

What skills are important when it comes to creating and innovating?

Creative thinking

Creativity is something that can be nurtured and developed, and involves analysing problems, coming at them from a new perspective and solving them in an innovative way, as well as artistic creativity. It’s not limited to people we traditionally think of as artistic, such as artists or musicians.  


Developing your ability to search for new ideas, challenges and solutions is hugely valuable in a variety of academic, professional and entrepreneurial contexts.

Impactful communication

Expressing your ideas in the right way for the right audience will empower you to tell a story and make an impact, whether in the classroom, at work or in a pitch.   


Growing a network of other students, alumni and employers facilitates opportunities and helps you learn from other people’s experiences.

Seeing the bigger picture

Being able to connect the dots and see how the details impact the bigger picture enables leaders and entrepreneurs to refine and share their vision.

Harnessing technology

Keeping up-to-date with the potential of technology to solve problems and visualize ideas can make your projects cutting-edge.  

Emotional intelligence

This important topic covers a lot of ideas from enhancing your self-awareness, to understanding your real motivators, to developing your empathy and ability to relate to others. Emotional intelligence is foundational to creating positive interactions with others.

Want to boost your skills? Explore the LSE LIFE Moodle resources and workshop timetable!