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Explore how you can utilise assistive technology to aid your studies

There is a variety of assistive software and hardware available at LSE but this provision is currently being updated. Full details will be published here once finalised. In the meantime, read on for tips on making the most of widely available resources. 


If you have difficulties with writing or typing you may want to try dictation software, having your computer or device type what you say.

There are two ways to access dictation software for free, which is in-built for Mac users, or available through Microsoft Word for PC users. If you do not find either of these options work very accurately with your voice you may wish to explore using a form of the Dragon software.

Dragon Anywhere is an app from the world leaders in dictation software which adapts to your voice and works very accurately for most users. Versions are also available for desktops and laptops


Mind-mapping software allows you to create digital brainstorms and plan and organise your work visually. Popular programmes include Mindview and MindManager.

Have your computer read to you

If you have you have difficulties reading a screen for a prolonged period, or find it easier to process verbal information, you may want to try out the various free and easy ways in which your computer or device can read to you: 

Help making your device easier to use

The following webpages contain a lot of useful tips and tricks to make your device easier to use:

  • My computer my way from Abilitynet provides guidance for people with visual impairment, deaf or hard of hearing, motor difficulties and SpLDs
  • Diversity and Ability’s resources list includes guides and reviews of the many different types of AT available 
  • Vital Techhave a guide covering AT for blind and partially sighted people 

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