About the LSE Volunteer Centre

Vision, mission and outcomes 2017-22

Dave Coles


David Coles

Volunteer Centre Manager


Our vision is one where members of the LSE community are active citizens, shaping a better world through volunteering.


We are a centre of knowledge on the transformational impact that volunteering has for LSE students.

That is why our mission is to inspire and empower the LSE community to volunteer for causes they are passionate about.


We want to make volunteering an intrinsic, rewarding and celebrated part of the LSE experience.

We aim to increase the number and the diversity of student volunteers.

We will promote best practice and quality standards with our partners.

Outcome 1

  • The Volunteer Centre is fully supported to facilitate volunteering for LSE students. 

Outcome 2

  • The Volunteer Centre is fully supported to facilitate volunteering for LSE students. 

Outcome 3

  • Volunteering is recognised for its importance in helping LSE students move in to graduate employment.

Outcome 4

  • Volunteering is recognised for its positive contribution to creating a sense of community.

Outcome 5

  • Volunteering is recognised for its role in diversifying how students learn whilst at LSE.

Outcome 6

  • The achievements and successes of LSE volunteers are celebrated.

Outcome 7

  • Every LSE student is encouraged to volunteer.

Outcome 8

  • Every LSE student has the opportunity to volunteer.

Outcome 9

  • LSE students are offered diverse volunteering opportunities from a broad range of organisations.

Outcome 10

  • Support and information about volunteering is available to every LSE student.

Outcome 11

  • Additional provisions will be made for those that need it.

Outcome 12

  • The LSE Volunteer Centre is a knowledge expert in recruiting and managing student volunteers.

Outcome 13

  • Partners of the LSE Volunteer Centre are supported to recruit and manage LSE students.

Outcome 14

  • The LSE Volunteer Centre collaborates with internal and external partners to promote best practice.


LSE studentsare at the heart of everything we do. Therefore we value:

  • Engaging with students to shape our services.
  • Data driven knowledge.
  • Inclusiveness and diversity.
  • Partnerships with stakeholders to enhance impact.
  • Volunteering is a choice.

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