Information for LSE departments and SU societies

How LSE departments and services can work with us

The Volunteer Centre works with many departments to help them encourage their students to volunteer throughout their time at LSE. We can do a number of things to support you.

  • Speak at inductions or other talks.
  • Provide you with access to CareerHub so you can share relevant opportunities and events with your students.
  • Create a feed of opportunities to appear on your website or Moodle (eg, Social Policy).
  • Provide data and case studies about your students’ volunteering (where possible).
  • Introduce your students to course related organisations that are recruiting for volunteers

You can also sign up to our staff-facing newsletter that will keep you up to date on all the volunteering news on campus.  

Get in touch to be added to our mailing list or you would like to collaborate.

How LSESU societies and clubs can work with us

Lawyers Without Borders ran a successful collaboration with the Volunteer Centre, hosting a panel discussion on how to find a volunteer role within the legal sector. The event welcomed over 40 students, and panellists form a diverse range of backgrounds. The event overall engaged all years of law students... and we hope this event will be one of many to promote pro bono opportunities.

If you would like to collaborate with us or would simply like to some guidance on running a successful volunteering related event, please get in touch. Most of our event planning takes place over the summer so we recommend contacting us at least six weeks before the event is due to take place. We have previously collaborated with societies on a range of events including: 

  • panel discussions
  • talks and seminars
  • networking events
  • one-off opportunites. 

Please update us on voluntary sector organisations who come onto campus who want to use other recruitment services through the LSE Volunteer Centre. We would also love to promote your event through our communications, so please send contact us.