Summer Volunteering Scheme for Disabled Students


I’ve loved taking part in this scheme and it’s definitely helped me to develop my CV and make me a stronger candidate for the roles I would like. The team have been so supportive the whole way through, and it’s really helped my confidence in asking for accommodations and being open about my disability in the workplace. I also found it really useful to have something positive to do with my time as I take my next step and begin my job search

2021 student volunteer



The volunteering scheme provided an opportunity to work on issues that matter to me, especially in the current climate of uncertainty and fear around the COVID-19 pandemic and global inequalities. Although I am just one person, the scheme served as a timely reminder of the incredible power of collaborative work.

2021 student volunteer



This is a precious experience volunteering remotely at an international charity. All team members were very friendly to me and even organized a farewell meeting for me. I learnt a lot and helped refugees through this scheme.

2022 student volunteer


The purpose of the Summer Volunteering Scheme is to work with the LSE Volunteer Centre’s charity partners to provide a fantastic set of volunteering opportunities for Disabled students who study at LSE.  This programme is run because a small, but significant number of students report back that they cannot volunteer due to a disability or illness.  To address this, in addition to working across our range of programmes and services and in collaboration with our charity partners to enhance accessibility, we offer this scheme every summer.  It is run by the LSE Volunteer Centre in collaboration with LSE Careers.

The charities that join the scheme express a strong commitment to enhancing accessibility.  We collaborate with charities with expertise in this area.  We also collaborate with charities that seek feedback, advice and support concerning disability and inclusion.

  • The scheme provides students with a safe space to talk with the LSE Volunteer Centre and LSE Careers about the volunteering roles and adjustment requirements.
  • We manage the recruitment process via written applications and a round of interviews.
  • The LSE Volunteer Centre and LSE Careers are on-hand throughout the summer to provide support if required.
  • From 2023, we will also be offering volunteers the opportunity to meet up as a group in a social setting (optional) or be connected with other participants on the scheme who are volunteering at the same charity (optional).


What kind of roles are available?

The roles that are available reflect the full range of volunteering opportunities available on our CareerHub role board.  They could include volunteering in a community canteen, for example, taking care of a charity’s social media, researching for a charity, or helping a charity manage its volunteers.

When does the scheme run?

All volunteering placements for the scheme are for a minimum of four weeks.  The placements fall between the middle of July and the middle to end of September.  Many of the start dates are flexible.  Please consult this year’s role descriptions for precise information on individual roles.

How much time will it take?

All volunteering placements will be for 7-14 hours per week.  Please consult this year’s role descriptions for precise information on individual roles.

What is the timeframe for applications?

Applications open at the end of April each year.  Interviews will be held in June.  Placements will not begin until the middle of July.  For precise dates for the next scheme, consult the LSE Volunteer Centre blog, social media, and newsletters.

Do I have to provide adjustment requirements to participate in the scheme?

You do not have to provide adjustment requirements to participate in the scheme.  It is your choice whether to do so.  We encourage you to provide adjustment requirements if you think that you will require them.  All of the charities involved in the scheme welcome adjustment requirements at any point during the recruitment or placement process.  You can communicate these to the charities via us or directly with the charity.

Do I have to be a Disabled student to participate in the scheme?

Yes.  We do not require that you have declared to the university that you are a Disabled student.  However, all participants must be Disabled students.  By ‘disability’ we mean a long-term condition that can have a substantial impact on your studies and/or day-to-day life.  This includes conditions such as sensory impairments, mental health conditions, mobility disabilities, long-term medical conditions, specific learning disabilities, and autistic spectrum conditions.

Will my anonymity be protected if I join the scheme?

We want to talk openly about accessibility.  However, we know that concerns about anonymity persist because of societal attitudes towards disability that aren’t changing fast enough.

The LSE Volunteer Centre and LSE Careers will process your applications to the scheme.  Your application form will be saved on our applications system: CareerHub. We restrict access to all applications to the scheme to a small group of people within the two departments who need to know the information contained therein in order to run the scheme.  We will never use your name or any identifiable information publicly without your consent.  In addition, we won’t share your information internally within our wider teams or the university except if a safeguarding reason arises.

Can I meet other students on the scheme?

From 2023, we will be offering all volunteers the opportunity to meet up as a group in a social setting (optional) or be connected with other participants on the scheme who are volunteering at the same charity (optional).

What will I gain from participating in the scheme?

We offer a variety of roles each year, each providing different kinds of benefits.  However, as a general rule, participation will present you with the opportunity to:

  • make a social impact
  • learn more about a cause you’re passionate about
  • gain experience within the voluntary/non-profit sector
  • provide you with insights that may affect your chosen career path
  • work within a team
  • put into practice knowledge and skills that you’re developing on your degree
  • learn more about London and the UK
  • meet new people
  • enjoy yourself
  • make new contacts in the professional world
  • experience communicating adjustment requirements in a professional setting

Where can I go if I’m interested in applying, but want to talk with someone about it first?

If you would like to communicate about the scheme before applying, we’d love to hear from you.  You can either book an appointment with Viki Chinn, an LSE Careers Consultant for Disabled Students, or Rosie Coffey, the LSE Volunteer Centre’s Programme Manager.  Every year, we also offer an information event for people interested in the scheme to find out more.