Curriculum Shift 2020/21 archive

The LSE Curriculum Shift 2020/21 Framework was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need to switch between different modes of teaching and learning to support our students. This archive provides links to key resources. 

We produced a series of scenarios that illustrated how current mode of delivery of courses might be adapted to a blended learning model. Each scenario illustrates how  courses might be delivered when students are studying online/both on-campus and online. 

The Synchronous learning activities using Zoom resource is intended to offer some strategies and activities to support a class or seminar in Zoom. The resource was developed to support LSE Curriculum Shift 2020, but some aspects could be adapted for on-campus learning and teaching. 

The Preparing for physically-distanced learning and teaching resource outlines the implications of using physically-distanced spaces for learning and teaching; provides guidance on how to encourage collaboration and active learning; and, outlines responses to issues that might arise. 

At LSE, we use the term hybrid teaching to mean synchronous combining of online/on-campus. For example, a teacher might use Zoom to bring students who are studying online into an otherwise "normal" seminar space. The Guidance on using hybrid teaching spaces resource outlines the modifications that were made to classrooms to facilitate hybrid teaching and how these might impact on teaching and learning.