Staff networks

If you would like to talk about setting up a staff network or want to feed back on networks' activities and events, please contact the EDI team.

LSE EmbRace

EMBRACE (Ethnic Minorities Broadening Racial Awareness and Cultural Exchange) is the School's black and minority ethnic group for staff at LSE.


Gender Equality Forum

The Gender Equality Forum is a network of women across LSE committed to addressing gender inequality in pay, access and culture.

Contact:, Suki Ali (co-chair), Sara Geneletti (co-chair)

LSE Power – professional women's network

The Power network was created in early 2015 in response to an initiative by LSE's Equality and Diversity team to set up a number of informal staff networks.


Disability and Wellbeing Staff Network

Similar to Spectrum, Embrace and the other staff networks at LSE, we are setting up a new Disability and Wellbeing Network. The aim of the network is to make LSE more disability confident and raise awareness about disability on the campus. 

Why is addressing disability important at LSE?
Despite making up 22% of the UK population, only 4% of LSE staff share that they are disabled.Setting up a disability staff network aligns with the school’s commitment to developing LSE into an inclusive space where everyone is able to fulfil their potential, and everyone’s contribution is valued. We need to create a culture whereby any disabled staff member or student can feel safe disclosing their disability, and confident that they will be provided with appropriate adjustments and support.

What are the aims of the network?
We want to set out the aims as inclusively as possible after meeting with the staff who want to be a part of the network. These aims may include:
•To enable disabled employees to come together to share experiences, information, support and learning
•To enable a better understanding of the barriers for staff with disabilities and develop strategies to promote diversity 
•To act as peer-group support and networking
•To foster a climate that encourages disabled employees to develop their skills and pursue career opportunities 

How to get involved?
If you wish to be a part of this network, express your interest at


Spectrum is the network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans (LGBT) staff at LSE.

Twitter: @LSESpectrum

Parents and Carers Network

The Parents Network is for parents (which includes anyone who is caring for a child, be it their own, adopted, or fostered) and carers to meet and exchange experiences, tips, and to socialise.