Loans and Funding

Further information on Government and private loans

U.S. Loans

The U.S. Department of Education operate a Direct Loan programme. Eligible students can borrow educational loans to assist with the cost of living. There are three loan types.

If you are ineligible for U.S. federal loans, you may be able to use a U.S. private student loan to support your studies

  • Subsidized (Undergraduates only)  (Federal)
  • Unsubsidized (Federal)
  • Plus (Federal)
  • Private 

Students are strongly advised to consider the Direct Lending programme prior to any private loan option.

You should borrow unsubsidized loans first, if there is further need based on your cost of attendance you should then look at borrow a Plus loan.

You cannot borrow more than your annual maximum cost of attendance

For further information on Federal Aid please see U.S. Federal Loans, for further information on Private loans please see Private Loans

Please note: Students studying by distance-learning, or at certificate or diploma level are not eligible.

Canadian Loans

Unlike U.S. Federal loans the LSE Fees Office do not process Canadian Loans, we do however assist with:

  • Programme information forms such as OSAP
  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • Confirmation of Fees paid
  • TL11A certificates

For further information see Canadian Loans

Tuition fee loans for Home/EU Undergraduates

Eligible Home/EU undergraduate students may apply for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of tuition.

Tuition Fee loans Tuition Fee loans are paid directly to the School, application is made through Student Finance Direct not the LSE. For further information please visit GOV.UK

Postgraduate Loan Scheme 

The UK government offers a £10,000 loan scheme for full-time and part-time postgraduate courses.

An overview of postgraduate loans, details of how to apply and personal eligibility criteria is available on the GOV.UK website 

Private postgraduate loans

Please note: The PCDL scheme has closed for new borrowers.

For further information please visit

Existing borrowers will not be affected. They will continue to receive a full service from the Bank during study and repayment.

  • The Learning and Skills Council will pay the interest on the loan whilst the lender is in learning and for one month afterwards.
  • Learners must start repaying the loan when they finish studying, whether or not you complete your course or get a job.
  • Learners can borrow any amount between £300.00 and £10,000.00 to help support the cost of learning.
  • Learners with savings of up to £16,000.00 will be eligible to apply for a PCDL.
  • There are two banks currently participating in the scheme: Barclays and the Co-operative

Please note: PCDL do not normally cover the cost of your total tuition fee, if your loan does not cover your entire fee you will be expected to pay the balance in three equal instalments. The Fees Office will automatically place you on termly payment plan.

The LSE code for Career Development Loans is 2044.

Military and Veterans Benefits

The LSE participate in certifying enrolment if you are a fully registered student.

For further information on UK and U.S. benefits please see Military funding