There are lots of things it is important to do even before your new starter’s first day to ensure they get a flying start. Make sure you:

  •  Keep communication lines open
  • Check in every week or two with a phone call or email to see if they have any questions/concerns
  • Communicate the kind of leader you are going to be when they arrive through the personal attention you give them
  • Use the pre-arrival induction checklist to plan their arrival

Setting up a good local induction

Induction is not just about what the School offers new starters, as a manager you should also be planning the local induction, i.e. induction into the role, the team and the division or department etc.

 A local induction introduces the role, team, environment and equipment; and should be the bulk of the new starters’ induction. You should spend time planning this before your new starter arrives so that the induction plan is all there for them on day one.

Things that may be covered as part of this part of the local induction include:

  •  Schedules, rotas and work patterns
  • Local building layout, facilities, policies (i.e. clear desk) and building access
  • Specific health and safety requirements, including if your new starter has indicated that they have an ongoing disability or health condition which may require an individual risk assessment to be carried out.
  • Role relevant training
  • Information specific to your area of the school (i.e. structure, SMT, organogram, strategy, vision)
  • Information specific to your team (i.e. projects, processes, communication methods, templates, KPIs)
  • Relevant systems and processes (e.g. shared inboxes or CRM systems)


Ideally, on day 1 you will be able to provide your new starter with a timetable of all their induction related activities for at least the first month. We’ve provided a template you may want to use for this.

This will help the new starter navigate well into their role, but also sets a positive impression for them of both LSE and you, their manager. Making sure they’ve got their induction plan in advance or at the latest at the beginning of day 1, will help them relax in what can be quite an intimidating and stressful period for them and allow them to settle into their day-to-day more quickly, making your life easier too.

Once you've got everything in this section ticked off, you'll find lots more useful advice and tips for day one and beyond in this toolkit.