ARD Systems

ARD Systems primarily maintains and develops the School's student records system: SITS. We are a technical team that sits in the Academic Registrar's Division, which gives us a unique business-focussed but strongly technical ethos.


SITS is the School’s student records system. It holds details about all the students currently enrolled, what they’re studying, when their exams are and details about who’s applying to the School, as well as a great many other things. It is the system in which the School’s core business activities take place.



e:Vision is a web-based version of SITS. As SITS is quite complicated to use, e:Vision is designed to create processes to make getting things done for end users easier than it would be in SITS. LSE uses it for processes like withdrawing students from their programme, downloading PDFs of students’ applications and printing letters for students.


Online application forms

The online application forms for Graduate Study, the General Course and the Summer School live in e:Vision and are part of the SITS family of applications. They are mobile-responsive web applications that allow prospective students to apply to their programme(s) of choice.


Salesforce (CRM)

Salesforce is a new CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) system for the School which went live in May 2016 - initially supporting the Student Marketing and Recruitment office to collect contacts, send email marketing campaigns and manage events. However, use is expanding rapidly and Widening Participation, Admissions, the Department of Management and others are all starting to make use of Salesforce. It is even home to the ARD Systems helpdesk, helping us manage our daily workload.