Meeting rooms in CLM


There are nine bookable meeting rooms in Clement House, shared between Estates, Executive Education and PAGE.

CLM 3.08 - seats maximum 10/12 - AV to be completed by end May 2022

CLM 3.08a - seats maximum 8 - will be available to book from end May 2022

CLM 4.12 - seats maximum 8 (table + 4 chairs plus sofa for 4) - AV fitted

CLM 4.13 - seats maximum 4 - AV fitted, no window

CLM 5.10 - seats maximum 6 - AV fitted

CLM 6.11 - seats maximum 6/8 - AV fitted

CLM 6.13 - seats maximum 6/8 - AV fitted

CLM 7.09 - seats maximum 4 - AV fitted, no window

CLM 7.14 - seats maximum 4 - no AV, no window

Individual room numbers are on the door.

Staff based in Clement House should be able to book these meeting rooms, speak to your office manager if you are having difficulty.

Please ensure:

  • that you invite the meeting room to your meeting via your Outlook meeting request, this ensures that all the details of the meeting are in the meeting room calendar.  See booking procedure here (pdf);  
  • that you book the correct sized room for your meeting;
  • you allow enough time to end on schedule for the next user;
  • any debris (cups, food, papers) are cleared away before the next user arrives;
  • you cancel the room booking if it is no longer required;
  • you switch the lights off (if possible) and leave the door open for air to circulate when the meeting is finished.

Should you require food or refreshments for your meeting please contact LSE catering.

If you have any issues when connecting to the AV in a meeting room please refer to the DTS guide.

There are also a number of pods and collaborative seating areas on floors 4, 5 and 6 that are available on a first come, first served basis.

Other rooms across campus are available to book via the Resource Booker, access is granted by the LSE Room Bookings team.