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a research-led teaching institution with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence

Advance your career by joining some of the world’s leading social scientists at LSE, a research-led teaching institution with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence.

You’ll be working with peers from around the world who excel in their field. Because we take professional development seriously, you’ll have access to support throughout your time at LSE, from getting started, to producing and disseminating your work, to developing your future career.

As well as a competitive salary and an exceptional location in the heart of London, we offer great benefits, including our award-winning family friendly policies. 

Research centres and subjects

Succeeding at LSE

LSE’s research is world class. We like to recruit people who are leaders in their field, or have the potential to be so.

Research and engagement are among our leading priorities. In turn, we try to ensure a good employment experience for our research staff by following agreed policies and practices.

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Rewards and benefits

SE’s research is top-ranked, and we like to reflect this status in our benefits package, which includes support for relocation, a competitive salary and generous leave.

We’re demonstrably committed to providing a good working environment for our researchers. Read on to find out why LSE might be the right place for you.

Why we’re different

To promote research excellence, LSE is committed to providing the right support for its research staff. Our efforts to improve the working conditions and career development opportunities of our researchers led to us receiving the ‘HR excellence in research’ badge from the EC in 2010. We were one of only a few UK HEIs to do so.

At LSE there is a Research Staff Committee, and a Research Division that offers advice and assistance to our academic community in respect of all areas of funded research activity.

Like other staff groups, researchers are eligible for the following benefits:

  • A competitive salary
  • Generous pension arrangements
  • Relocation packages
  • Career development and use of mentors
  • Good working hours and flexible working
  • Award-winning family friendly policies
  • Exceptional environment and events

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