Making a Choice

Making a choice

Together we can end sexual violence, harassment, bullying, discrimination and hate crime.


Making a Choice: a year in review

Year on year, the EDI Team strives to make improvements to the support we provide to students and staff, reporting mechanisms and preventative interventions; in order to end sexual violence, bullying, harassment, discrimination and hate crime. 
As such, in 2022/23 the EDI Team:
  • ran a series of training for the Safe Contacts to ensure they were better able to support and understand the students and staff they may be supporting. They received training in supporting LGBTQ+ survivors of sexual and domestic violence, race equity awareness and supporting students and staff of colour and a refresher training on supporting victims-survivors of sexual violence.
  • created a partnership with Survivors UK to ensure male-identifying students and staff who have been subjected to sexual violence receive the specialist support they need. A member of the Survivors UK team will be on campus 2 days per term providing 1:1 support
  • funded survivor community spaces delivered by Not the Only One. This is a safe space for survivors of sexual violence to come together.
  • was involved in the Consent.ed project which is LSE consent education and active bystander training. It saw over 2000 students complete the in-person sessions this past year, which was its most successful year yet.