Meet our champions

Members of our School community discuss how they are actively promoting respect, helping people to get informed, and empowering others to step in.

‘Making a Choice’ refers to the decisions we make every day, at university or in our personal lives, that impact other people.

It is the choice we make to treat others with respect, stepping in when we see something that doesn’t look right, and having the courage to report incidents.

Katie Tesseyman

Katie Tesseyman, LSESU Women's Officer 2018/19

"Don’t be afraid to stand up for what you believe in because when you do, others will stand with you."

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Innah Gaspar

Innah Gaspar, Making a Choice workshop facilitator and master's student, Department of Media and Communications

"Building an inclusive LSE community means bravely supporting one another, having an open dialogue, listening and learning about differences rather than assuming."

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Joy Li

Joy Li, Making a Choice workshop facilitator and master’s student, Department of Geography and Environment

"Check in on your friends, be a good listener, and never negate others’ experiences or feelings."

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Kat Hellbach

Kat Hellbach, Making a Choice workshop facilitator and master's student, Department of Gender studies

"Listen, listen, listen. Do not judge and don’t be afraid to ask for help, for instance by emailing EDI or having a look at our sources of support page."

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Rebecca Jacquez

Rebecca Jacquez, Making a Choice workshop facilitator and master’s student, Department of Anthropology

"Entering a dialogue with empathy allows for a person to feel seen, and creates a safe space to share and feel supported."

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