Martha Ojo introduces the new Change Makers programme

LSE Change Makers is an exciting initiative, this is the first time resource will be put directly in the hands of students to research their learning environment.

LSE Change Makers is a new, collaborative programme between LSE and LSE Students’ Union that gives students the chance to make meaningful change at LSE through independent research. 

LSESU Education Officer Martha Ojo explains more about the brand new programme and how she's been partnering with LSE Pro-Director for Education Dilly Fung to empower students to lead on changes to student experience.

What is the LSE Change Makers programme and why is it so exciting?

A set of student engagement projects. Students can apply to either pitch a research project under the four themes or to carry out set project questions. There is £50,000 available to fund these projects and students will be paid to carry out the research. LSE Change Makers is an exciting initiative, this is the first time resource will be put directly in the hands of students to research their learning environment. It is the first community and scholarly exercise at the LSE that empowers students and see them as co-producers of knowledge. 

How have you collaborated with Dilly Fung on this programme?

The decision to pilot this project came as the result of many conversations with Dilly over the Summer and early September. Dilly is dedicated to creating a scholarly environment that sees the entire LSE community come together. A key objective in my time as LSESU Education Officer is to empower students. We concluded that LSE Change Makers was the perfect way to achieve both and much more. The research themes this year are a mixture of issues students have expressed to myself and LSE Strategy objectives. LSESU staff will also be involved in delivering workshops and providing support throughout the scheme. It is important to note that LSE Change Makers is a School-wide effort, the Teaching and Learning Centre, LSE LIFE and many divisions and departments are involved in this pilot. 

Why should students apply for the Change Makers programme?

There are many reasons!

1. It will be a great way to build your LSE network! Through the project you’ll meet other students, faculty, professional services and Students’ Union staff.
2. This is a great way to make an impact at LSE
3. You work is genuinely respected and rewarded, this is in part reflected by the pay. 

How do you feel it’s going to make an impact at LSE?

LSE Change Makers in essence is a community building exercise. It will fundamentally transform how we as community view our relationship to one another and in turn how we produce knowledge.

What are the next steps for you and what are you most excited about achieving?

I have achieved so much already in my tenure; my black history month programme was successful, and LSE Change Makers is about to launch. The next few months are busy. In the immediate term I am writing a paper to the Academic Board to make a case for student representation on the new Education Committee and its subcommittees. In the long term, I’m carrying out two major pieces of research to inform the LSE Strategy: an LSE100 survey and a survey and focus groups with Graduate Teaching Assistants. I am also to be a part of the Assessment Services Change Project which will transform how students experience examination at the LSE! I am excited about them all. 


Learn more about how you can get involved in the Change Makers programme and apply to the programme here.