Special offers for LSE students

We value the contribution all our students make to the School community, and that’s why we’re always trying to help you experience all that LSE has to offer by giving you discounts on campus and access to extra resources for free.

If you haven't found some of these special offers already, here’s a reminder of five benefits available only to LSE students.

1. Priority tickets for LSE events
Did you know that students get priority tickets for all LSE public events? We always set aside a number of tickets exclusively for LSE students and staff to attend our public events before releasing them to the general public. Collect your priority tickets from the SU Shop on Sheffield Street- visit the events webpages and click ‘How can I attend?’ on each event listing to check when tickets are due for release.

2. Catch up TV and radio available to all students
Did you know LSE subscribes to BoB (Box of Broadcasts) National? BoB enables all students to choose and record any broadcast programme from over 60 TV and radio channels. The recorded programmes are kept and added to a growing media archive. It’s a bit like catch-up TV, but the recordings are kept indefinitely.

You can use BoB to record and catch-up on missed programmes, schedule recordings in advance, edit programmes into clips, create playlists, embed clips into Moodle and search a growing archive of material. The service was recently upgraded so login and check out the new features. 

Login to BoB using your LSE username and password. For licensing reasons BoB is not available outside the UK.

3. Financial Times free subscription
LSE’s subscription to the Financial Times allows all LSE students full and unlimited access to this paper’s online news, comment and analysis. Click here to sign up now!

4. Discounts on campus

Want to know where you can get the best offers on food and drink at LSE’s eateries?

Download the LSE Food Club app for more great discounts and offers.

Food Club by LSE is an app-based loyalty scheme that lets you earn food and drink rewards in LSE Catering cafes and restaurants on campus. For every £1 you spend in one of our outlets, you'll get five points added to your virtual purse. 

Check out our catering website to see opening times and menus.

LSESU bars and cafes also have great discounts - check out the LSESU website for more information.

5. Library access and free laptop borrowing
As well as borrowing books and getting journals online, did you know LSE students can take advantage of the Library’s iRoam service and borrow Mac laptops for free? Just drop by the Library and pick one up.