Disabled students' appointment

What is it?

A careers discussion with our specialist careers consultant.

How long is it?

45 minutes

What are the details?

You can discuss specific questions related to disability as well as any other careers related topic:

  • career planning and exploring ideas 
  • job hunting strategy 
  • application form, CV and cover letter feedback
  • using LinkedIn 
  • interview advice 
  • further study options
  • negotiating salary with an employer. 

How/when can I book?

Any disabled student can request an appointment by emailing our careers consultant.

Who's it for?

Disabled current students or recent graduates looking for specialist advice or support. 

Who'll benefit the most?

Anyone unsure about what they want from their career
Those who have some ideas about what they might like to do and would like to explore these further
Anyone who would like to gain skills and experience related to their career plans
Those ready to apply for, or who have started applying and interviewing for opportunities

How do I get started?

Book now