We appreciate that the opportunity for a confidential discussion with a careers consultant can be extremely useful and give you the help you need to move forward. Offering you the possibility of booking one-to-one appointments is a core component of our service. 

Details on what we offer, your entitlement, how to book and best to prepare are set out below.

What you can access

Current students Four careers appointments per term (plus in some departments, additional ringfenced appointments)

One practice interview per term

One guidance session per term (if appropriate)
Recent graduates who completed their studies at LSE within the last two years Same entitlement as current students
Alumni who graduated between two to five years ago  A maximum of two one-hour appointments per year

Appointment types

While our appointments are open to all students and recent graduates, we offer specific appointments for PhDs and Research staff, disabled students and those interested in volunteering. 

Careers discussion

A 15/20-minute general appointment for anything careers related including career options, job search, feedback on CVs, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

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Practice interview

A 30-minute mock interview for when you have received a confirmed interview invitation.

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A 30-minute referral-only appointment if your careers consultant feels you would benefit from a longer consultation.

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Alumni (2-5) years appointment

A one-hour coaching session available to alumni.

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Disabled students' appointment

A 45-minute appointment with a specialist careers consultant who has expertise in disability and employment for disabled students.

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PhD/Research staff appointment

A 40-minute discussion with a PhD careers consultant for PhD students and staff on a research contract.

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We are committed to ensuring that all students can access our services. Contact us if you have any adjustments to enable you to fully access or participate in an appointment. 

How to prepare

    • Reflect on what you’d like to get out of the session. Think about what’s important to you and perhaps write down a few thoughts in advance.
    • If you are a current student looking for feedback on your CV, make sure that you run it first through CareerSet to ensure that you then get the most out of the discussion.  
    • Ensure that you upload to CareerHub in advance any documents you would like to discuss.  
    • Have a look at our online information and resources and check whether you’d benefit from first attending one of our events.  
    • Ensure you download the Teams app, sign in using your LSE email address (or another email address if you are a graduate) and that you are in a quiet location for the appointment.

Cancellation and non-attendance

Our appointments are in great demand throughout the year.   

If you find you can no longer attend an appointment you have booked, please make sure you cancel in advance so that a fellow student can benefit from the slot. You can cancel your booking up to 24 hours prior for practice interviews and 40 minutes for careers and CV appointments.  

If you fail to attend and haven’t cancelled in advance or are more than 10 minutes late, you will be marked as absent. Students who are absent for a total of four appointments or events during a 14 day period, will have their online booking privileges revoked for 14 days.  

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