What is it?

An online tool which uses AI to assess your CV and give immediate feedback to help you improve it.

When you upload your CV, it will receive an overall rating with targeted suggestions to ensure you make it as effective as possible. The tool focuses currently on accessing the content of your CV; it's important to recognise that the rating serves as a general guide to the overall impact your CV will have.

What are the details?

The system includes two functions:

Score My CV
Upload your CV to receive expert feedback on its overall impact, style and brevity. Feedback reports generated include personalised advice on how to further enhance your CV.

Target My CV
Upload a job description and find out how to tailor your CV to a specific role, based on keywords and skills.

Who’s it for?

Students looking to develop their CV. 

The tool is particularly useful when you are preparing a chronological CV for typical graduate trainee, professional and management roles including consulting, professional services and banking. If this applies to you and you are thinking about booking an appointment with a careers consultant, make sure that you run your CV first through CareerSet to ensure that you then get the most out of the discussion.

If your background is a-typical, you have had a career break or are changing career direction, you might find it helpful to speak with a careers consultant in the first instance. They will be happy to guide you through alternative approaches.  

Who'll benefit the most?

Anyone unsure about what they want from their career  
Those who have some ideas about what they might like to do and would like to explore these further
Anyone who would like to gain skills and experience related to their career plans  
Those ready to apply for, or who have started applying and interviewing for opportunities

How do I get started?

I'm a student ready to go