What is it?

An opportunity to explore your careers related questions or concerns in greater depth than is possible during a typical discussion. 

How long is it?

30 minutes

What are the details?

If you are very unsure about what you would like to do, are particularly stuck on a something or would really benefit from spending some time talking through your thoughts and concerns at greater length, your careers consultant will offer the possibility of a guidance session. 

How/when can I book?

Guidance appointments are arranged directly with a careers consultant and can be booked on their recommendation. If, during a consultation, they feel that you would benefit from a longer appointment they will suggest this to you and either agree a time directly with you or arrange for you to speak with a colleague.

Who's it for?

Students and recent graduates who will benefit from a longer appointment.

Who'll benefit the most?

Anyone unsure about what they want from their career
Those who have some ideas about what they might like to do and would like to explore these further
Anyone who would like to gain skills and experience related to their career plans  
Those ready to apply for, or who have started applying and interviewing for opportunities