Discover | Political risk

Discover | Political risk is our careers programme for current LSE students and recent graduates interested in political risk, conflict and security related work.

From meeting LSE alumni to networking with employers looking to recruit LSE students into political risk-related roles, our Discover | Political risk events offer lots of opportunities for you to speak with those in the know and gather useful insights and advice.

Beyond the events programme, we’ve also showcased a range of resources relevant to working in these sectors below, so you can make the most of opportunities as they arise.

Read on to find out more about how we can support you, including what’s coming up this year as part of Discover | Political risk.

What's on: Browse the full timetable of events for LSE students

This year’s Discover | Political risk events will primarily take place in Winter Term. Browse what’s coming up below:

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Prepare: Browse our top tips for making the most of the events

Joining our Discover | Political risk events? Make the most of your time by following the tips below...

  1. Do your research
  2. Know what's on offer
  3. Ask questions
  4. Plan your environment (if online) and dress appropriately
  5. Take notes - they might be useful in future applications
  6. Update your CV
  7. Follow up after the events - follow speakers on Linkedin

Online tools, resources, and job opportunities

Check out other resources relevant to working in political risk, conflict and security

Found our Discover | Political risk sessions insightful and wondering what's next? Or waiting for next year's events?

Here are some related LSE Careers resources you might like to check out:

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Get confidential one-to-one guidance from one of our professional and dedicated team of careers consultants.

Our consultants can help with:

  • careers advice and planning;
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  • practice interviews;
  • specialist careers support for disabled students and PhD students.

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Gain new skills at our career skills workshops

Throughout the year we provide a range of events to equip you with the skills to succeed including:

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