Graduates First

What is it?

An online platform to practice aptitude tests and prepare for job recruitment.

What are the details?

Psychometric test practice 
Choose from 30 practice tests covering verbal, numerical, and logical reasoning, situational judgement. You can also practice assessment centre exercises, complete a work style personality questionnaire and use the question identifier tool to prepare for interviews. 

Recruitment guides 
Research step-by-step guides to 100+ top graduate employer's recruitment stages, with hints on how to pass their assessment process. 

Who’s it for?

Students and alumni wanting to practice aptitude tests and learn about recruitment processes as part of their job preparation. 

Who'll benefit the most?

Anyone unsure about what they want from their career  
Those who have some ideas about what they might like to do and would like to explore these further
Anyone who would like to gain skills and experience related to their career plans
Those ready to apply for, or who have started applying and interviewing for opportunities

How do I get started?

I'm a student ready to go

I'm alumni ready to go