From 29 April, you will have access to Microsoft’s generative AI tool, Copilot (Copilot with Commercial Data Protection), free of charge.  

Copilot gives you access to an AI tool that uses Open AI’s latest model, ChatGPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3, to generate its text and image outputs and has the same robust, enterprise-level privacy and security features as the rest of Microsoft’s Office365 suite. Its outputs are more easily verifiable compared to ChatGPT (free version) and ChatGPT-4 (paid version), as it uses data from the web to provide more accurate answers and can produce citations, linking users to the source of information used in a response.  

How do I access Copilot?

You will be able to access Copilot using your LSE IT user account. Copilot is accessible via Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome and is available for both Windows and Mac users.  

 Copilot with Commercial Data Protection offers data privacy and security and is centrally supported at LSE. 


Using Copilot in your studies

  • Check your department’s policy on AI usage

By making Copilot available to you, LSE is not endorsing the unrestricted use of generative AI tools by students. You should always check your specific course and/or department policy on the use of generative AI tools. In addition to your department’s policy (which can be found in your Moodle course, under General Information), please refer to the School statement on Artificial Intelligence, Assessment and Academic Integrity.  

  • Understand documentation requirements

When using Copilot, searches and prompts won’t be saved. If your department requires you to provide evidence on how Copilot has been used, as the chat history won't be saved, you are advised to copy your prompts and copy or export Copilot's outputs and save them. 


Benefits of using Copilot with Commercial Data Protection 

  • Free access to GPT-4 Turbo and DALL-E 3 

  • Anonymity - Search queries aren't linked to users or organizations  

  • Encryption - Microsoft has no 'eyes-on' access to searches or prompts

  • No LLM (Large Language Model) training – Microsoft doesn't retain prompts and responses, nor are they used to train the underlying large language model (GPT-4 Turbo)   

  • Fewer Targeted Ads – advertising shown while logged in isn't targeted based on institutional identity or Copilot chat history. 


Support and resources available

A new workshop Generative AI: Maximizing Benefits and Mitigating Risks using Copilot is available to help you learn more about how to use Copilot effectively. Book now to attend this two-hour workshop, available weekly and hosted by the Digital Skills Lab. 

In addition, the Moodle course Generative AI: Developing your AI literacy is designed to help with developing skills in generative AI literacy, including the use of Copilot. 



Find out more information about Copilot here.