Booking the music practice rooms

As a member of the LSESU Music Society you can request a practice session on campus.

Firstly to request one of the four music practice rooms (MPR's) you must be an LSE student or LSE staff, and a member of the LSESU Music Society.

Not yet a LSESU Music Society member or is the option to request the music practice rooms not visible on your Resource Booker?

1. Using your internet browser log-in to Resource Booker

If you get the message 'Sorry no Resources are available for you to book' you are either not yet set up to request rooms online or you are not eligible to request rooms.

Before you log in the welcome page of Resource Booker will show what users can currently request and will indicate when the system is closed.

2. Check availability and request a booking

Following the instructions in the quick start guide, make your request and you’ll receive an automated email when the request has been made.

It is vital that you put your name in the booking title – follow the format “Music Practice Room – your full name” this helps you identify your booking on the room door reports at the entrance to the room and so the reception team can easily spot your name on the list if you are practicing late at night or at weekends.

You can only book a single one-hour slot on any given day, and only on dates up to 14 days in advance. Any requests which do not fit these rules will be not be accepted.

3. Room Bookings Team check your request and send an outcome email

The Room Bookings Team will then check the request and either confirm the booking or reject it (the rejection email will contain an explanation for the cancellation).

This will usually be within one working day and you will receive a confirmation email when you have the room booked. 

Please allow us notice to receive and process your request: this will take at least one working day so do not make requests overnight for the following day, and at weekends, any requests made will not be confirmed until the next working day. Our office hours for checking requests are 10:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday, and requests will only be processed during these hours.