Mapping Sustainability Initiatives

Discover sustainability initiatives both on, and within, a 15-minute walk of LSE's campus

I hope [these maps] will encourage and support the LSE community on our journey to becoming more environmentally-friendly!

Sive Lawrie, Student Researcher involved in the creation of the maps

These maps have been created by LSE Cities, a research centre investigating the social, spatial and environmental complexities of the 21st century city. LSE Cities created these maps as part of their Green Impact work, and the project received funding through LSE’s Sustainable Projects Fund.

Recycling and Repairs Map

Access the map here.

Use this map to locate environmentally-responsible ways to dispose of, or repair, all kinds of items - both on and off campus.

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Green Spaces and Sustainable Mobility Map

Access the map here.

From cycling facilities to parks and terraces, this map helps make active transport and finding green spaces easier.

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Sustainable Dining and Food Initiatives Map

Access the map here.

Locate sustainable food options - cafes and resturants offering vegetarian food, regular Too Good to Go retailers, and local food waste initiatives.

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The project to create these three maps started with a desire to make it easier to locate sustainable initatives around LSE. 

Dr Alexandra Gomes, a research fellow at LSE Cities and member of the LSE Cities Green Impact team, explains: “As a research centre dedicated to studying Cities and their sustainable development, we thought mapping was an ideal tool for achieving this, as it aligns with LSE Cities' interest in visual communication and mapping skills and allows us to better engage with the wider LSE community.”

Sustainable Dining and Food screenshot
Screenshot of 1 of the 3 maps (Sustainable Dining and Food Initatives)

It is important to note that due to their temporal limitations and geographical constraints, these maps will hopefully serve as a starting point for a wider initiative to map sustainability efforts at LSE and beyond; and therefore, they are still a work in progress.

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