Social and green space

The LSE campus offers many areas of communal space for meeting and socialising, and is within close walking distance of some of the most attractive green space in central London

In addition to the surrounding green space we are also adding green spaces and enhancing the biodiversity across campus by utilising aspects of the urban environment such as rooftops and walls. We have a green roof on the 5th floor of SAW, 6th floor of STC and another on top of the Plaza café plus a brown roof on CON, a green wall on OLD and planters with nectar rich plants to support the LSE bees. 

Our resident beehives and the roof top garden outside the Shaw Library are managed by the Beekeeping Society and Roof Top Garden Group respectively.  To find out more visit the LSESU environmental hub.

Centre Building, learning commons

On the ground floor there are a variety of study spaces, providing opportunities for students to engage in different modes of informal collaborative working, offering the ability to learn and create in a fun and inspiring way. There are quiet study spaces for individual work and small group huddles, nooks suitable for brainstorming ideas and casual meetings further away from the main circulation areas, where you are less likely to be disturbed. Larger group work and more transient interactions are encouraged in the open plan spaces nearer to the café and main entrance.

Cheng Kin Ku Building communal areas

The Cheng Kin Ku Building offers several high quality spaces for social interaction. Soft seating can be found in the lower ground lobby and on the two mezzanine levels. The 8th floor pavilion and roof terrace with biodiversity planting are also available when not reserved for meetings/private functions.

Departmental common rooms

Some academic departments and research centres offer their students common rooms and study space. Please check with your department/centre manager to see if any space has been allocated for this by your department or research centre.

Escape social space in the Library

This social space in the Library foyer is ideal for relaxing, eating and chatting on your mobile during breaks from studying. 

John Watkins Plaza

In front of the main entrance to the LSE Library is John Watkins Plaza, which is an excellent meeting point as it is one of the most spacious areas on campus. It also has ample seating and its own café with a green roof!

Lincoln's Inn Fields

Adjacent to the LSE campus is Lincoln's Inn Fields. Numerous park benches and open lawn space make this one of the best places to relax near campus and a lovely place for quiet study under a tree.

Lincoln's Inn Private Gardens

By courtesy of the Masters of the Bench this secluded garden is open to the public Monday – Friday from 12 noon – 2.30pm. The main entrance to the garden can be found at the south east corner of Lincoln's Inn Fields, near SAL.

LSE Community Space

This space in SAW has been established to cultivate an environment of inclusivity, understanding, and collaboration. It is designed for staff and students to, for example, hold events, discussions and to host initiatives that promote inclusivity and intersectionality; and grow relationships with each other.  Users of the space must book it ahead of time, except for weekly regular time slots that are dedicated to socialising. Find more details here...

LSE Faith Centre

The Faith Centre, found on the 2nd floor of SAW, is a unique space on campus. It is home to the LSE’s diverse religious activities, transformational interfaith leadership programmes, wellbeing classes, and a reflective space for students away from the noise of campus life. You can find The Cave for meditation, male and female Islamic prayer rooms and a bookable space for all student faith societies.

The Faith Centre is open every day from 9.30am to 5.30pm, with your LSE student card needed for out of hours access. Ask at the Faith Centre reception for more details on our programmes.


LSE public square

Created as part of the Centre Building redevelopment scheme, this landscaped central plaza is at the heart of LSE. The pedestrianised square is used for School events, creates opportunities for social interactions and has also enhanced the biodiversity of the campus.

LSE roof terraces

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

Good weather and views across London and the campus can be enjoyed from the roof terraces on Centre Building, Cheng Kin Ku Building, the Marshall Building, Saw Swee Hock Student Centre as well as from the 4th floor of the Old Building and the 6th floor (Shaw Library). T Continuing the LSE tradition of using our roofscapes to their full potential, each terrace is landscaped and is provided with seating so you can sit back and relax with your friends. Please do not place additional furniture on these terraces as it gets damaged in the rain.  Smoking is not permitted on any terrace.

LSE roof terraces
Building Location Access 
 CBG 2nd floor Open access
 CBG 6th floor Open access
 CBG 12th floor Open access* 
 CKK 8th floor Open access*
 MAR 1st floor (x2) Open access
 MAR 2nd floor Open access
 MAR 8th floor Open access*
 OLD  4th floor Open access
 OLD 6th floor (Shaw Library) Open access*
SAW 6th floor Open access*

 * access may be restricted during functions

Marshall Building learning commons

Informal study space is provided on the ground floor and levels 1 and 2 with an array of furniture types to enable group and individual working, all with charging facilities.There is a café on the ground floor, bench seating, armchairs, pods and windows that open onto the street. On levels 1 and 2 you will find circular seating for large groups and four-seater AV booths that allow groups to share work on large wall mounted screens as well as individual quiet spaces.

Music practice rooms

There is a music practice room adjoining the Shaw Library, 6th floor Old Building and another located in Lincoln Chambers basement (no lift access).  Three other dedicated music practice rooms are situated in the basement of Marshall Building. To use these rooms you need to be a member of the LSESU Music Society.

Peacock Theatre

Sadler’s Wells Theatre organises most of the shows and events that are held at the Peacock Theatre, which in recent years have featured some of the most popular alternative shows in London. LSE students aged 16 - 30 can purchase £10.00 tickets through our Barclays Dance Pass scheme. (If you are a registered user and are already logged into your Sadler’s Wells account, please log out and return to this page in order to sign up to Barclays Dance Pass.) 

Whether it’s ballet, hip hop, contemporary dance or tap, our theatres are the place to see inspiring, entertaining and outright stunning dance in the UK.  It’s totally free to join, you don’t pay transaction fees and we’ve got your mates covered too, bring a friend aged 16 – 30 for the same price.

PhD Academy

Situated on the 4th floor of LRB, this is a dedicated space and services hub for doctoral candidates studying at LSE (LSE swipe card access). It contains a kitchen, eating area and soft seating.

Postgraduate common room

There is a Postgraduate common room on the lower ground floor of SAL with microwave and hot water facilities (LSE swipe card access).

Saw Swee Hock Student Centre

Home to the Students’ Union, LSE Careers and other services. The SU office can be found on the third floor where the reception team and SU staff can help with sports clubs, student societies, campaigns and the Advice Service. The media centre, situated on the second floor, brings together all SU media into one space including The Beaver, Pulse Radio, LooSE TV and Clare Market Review. The building also includes the Gym and the Denning Learning Café run by the SU, with ample seating and social spaces to relax.

Sir Arthur Lewis Building

You will find a number of break out spaces located throughout the basement,lower ground and ground floors which can be used by students to work or meetsocially and relax. There is a Postgraduate common room on the lower groundfloor (LSE swipe card access).

The Shaw Library (LSE Founders' Room)

Located on the 6th floor of OLD, this is a comfortably furnished common room and library for all members of the School. It has a pleasant ambience and is a haven of retreat for many (although it is not intended for serious study by students). The Shaw Library is regularly used for School functions. 

The stock can be borrowed by LSE staff and students: up to four items may be loaned for up to three weeks. Newspapers and serials are available for reading in the Library. It is also the venue of the School's long standing free lunchtime recitals and concerts series. Music is an important part of LSE life. The School has its own orchestra and choir: both are conducted by professional musicians, rehearse weekly and give public performances at the end of the Winter and Spring Terms.

If you have any questions about the book collection in the Shaw Library, please email

LSE Sportsground

LSE has 9.5 hectares of playing fields in New Malden, Surrey (a 22 minute train ride out of Waterloo).

Sporting amenities and facilities are available for hire by staff and students of the School and by external users when not in use by the Athletics Union.  More information is available on the LSE Sportsground web page.

Students' Salon

This is a designated common room with hot water and microwave facilities for heating and eating your own food.  Located on the ground floor of King’s Chambers, the Salon is accessible between 8am and 10pm with swipe card access control.

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