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Studying in the Library

The first port of call for a place to study on campus is LSE Library.  Spaces and rooms are available throughout the building – primarily at its quieter perimeters.The majority of the Library’s 2,500 study places are offered on a first-come first-served basis but some spaces are bookable all year round. The Library has clearly marked coloured zonal study areas which allow users to work in the way that suits them best, depending on whether they would like to work in silent or group study working areas.

LSE LIFE, located on the ground floor of the Library, is available for solo or groupwork and offers seating that you can arrange to suit your group.  There are also whiteboards and power charging points available.  It is not a silent area.

Group study spaces

A variety of group study areas are available throughout the School for LSE students to undertake group work. Some are bookable whilst others are available on an open access basis, see the chart for locations and how to book. The open access rooms are not available for pre-booking, but students are encouraged to use them for studying whenever they are free.

Informal learning spaces

You will find informal study spaces within most campus buildings, some are bigger and more popular, others are smaller and frequented less often, which is ideal for quiet study. 

CBG offers a variety of study spaces, providing opportunities for students to engage in different modes of informal collaborative working, offering the ability to learn and create in a fun and inspiring way.
On the ground floor there are quiet study spaces for individual work and small group huddles, nooks suitable for brainstorming ideas and casual meetings further away from the main circulation areas, where you are less likely to be disturbed. Larger group work and more transient interactions are encouraged in the open plan spaces nearer to the cafe and main entrance.
The 1st and 2nd floors offer group working areas, student break out and study zones, which you may find are quieter than the ground floor areas.

Transforming lost space is a critical part of our approach to creating innovative and inspirational learning spaces for the students at LSE.

There are a number of spaces in CLM central stairwell alcoves (floors 2-5) providing students with unique, creative and innovative areas to study, collaborate, communicate and think.

Comfortable, high backed couches with homely cushions are supported by laptop desks and power to encourage students to engage in conversation or study alone in the corridors outside the 4th floor computer rooms in FAW.

The entrance of KSW has zoned bench and lounge seating, plants, bright colours and power.

In SAL there are a number of break out spaces located throughout the basement, lower ground and ground floors which can be used by students to work or meet socially and relax.

MAR has lots of informal study spaces on the ground floor and levels 1 and 2,with an array of furniture types to enable group and individual working, all with charging facilities.

CKK offers several high quality spaces for informal study and social interaction. Soft seating can be found in the lower ground lobby and on the two mezzanine levels.

Find Recharge spaces with warm lighting, power and WiFi on the ground,1st, 2nd and 3rd floor at the rear of OLD.

The Peacock Theatre’s Dress Circle Bar has comfortable seating and study alcoves, power and WiFi.

SAW has space to study or relax within the Denning Cafe on 1st floor or the Weston Cafe/roof terrace on 6th floor. 

Computer facilities for students

There are over 1,000 PCs available for students to use on campus, some of which are available 24 hours a day. Additional PCs and printing facilities for students with disabilities are available in the Library and PC areas on campus. Visit DTS webpage for full details.

iRoam laptops

iRoam, the Apple Macbook Air laptop loan service, allows LSE students to borrow a fully charged laptop for use within the Library building without needing to book in advance. The laptops provide access to Microsoft One Drive, Office software and the internet. Visit for more details.

Computer classrooms

There are a number of computer classrooms equipped with PCs across campus that are used for class teaching and IT skills training. They are open to any member of the School for their individual work at other times. If you are in a computer room that is required for a class, please leave the room as quickly as possible. If a class is in progress please do not enter unless you are a member of that class. 

Getting help

If you have an IT issue, query or would like to request a new service, please contact Tech Support:

  • By phone: 0207 107 5000 | x5000 (24hrs)
  • By email:
  • In person: Tech Support Centre, Library 1st floor

You can also visit the Laptop Surgery for support with personal laptops and mobiles 

For details of the face to face services available in the Tech Support Centre, including opening times, visit DTS web page.


In line with the School's sustainability strategy, please think before you print! Find out how to become digital smart.  However, if you do need to print there are printers in all the student PC areas and some computer rooms. All printing is double-sided by default. There is a charge of 3.5p per A4 side for mono printing and 10p per A4 side for colour printing. To print on any of the student printers at LSE, you will need credit on your printing account. You can add credit in the following ways:

  • with cash using one of the value loaders in the Library

Student printer locations on campus can be found here.

For more information on all our print services, including how to print from your own computer or mobile device, please visit the DTS Printing on Campus page


eduroam is the recommended wireless network (wifi) in use at LSE which allows secure connectivity across campus and in halls of residence. To get connected enable wifi, scan and select eduroam and then log in using your LSE email address and network password.  

For more information about technology services at LSE, please see here.

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