Green Impact

The longest running Green Impact programme in the world, our 2021/22 sustainability engagement programme focuses on being Digital Smart

“I am using what I have learned through taking part in Green Impact to put sustainability into our department's 2025 strategy, and hope to find ways to more strongly encourage people to be sustainability-minded’’

Green Impact Team (2021)

What is Green Impact?

A change and engagement programme, Green Impact helps people understand sustainability and social responsibility, shows them what they can do to make a difference, and supports them in achieving these actions.

It has been developed based on the themes of continual improvement, collaboration and meaningful change to establish new social norms and inspire people with the skills and passion needed to make a difference.

Green Impact teams complete selected actions from the themed workbook and are invited to complete a project of their choice. Evidence is uploaded of the completed actions for our student auditors with an auditing session taking place in Summer Term.

At the end of the year teams are presented with an award at the Celebration of Sustainability. Teams are supported by the School's sustainability team via meetings, workshops and email as required throughout the year.

How can I take part?

1. Ask your Department/Division/Institute/Residence if they have an active Green Impact team you can join, if there's not an existing team then ask around to try and recruit an additional member or two!

2a) Joining an existing team? Decide with your team if you will register on the workbook and contact the Sustainability Team to be added to the Green Impact mailing list.

2b) Starting a new team? Exciting! You will need to register that team on the workbook and contact the Sustainability Team to be added to the Green Impact mailing list.

3) To register and be added to the Green Impact mailing list, contact the Sustainability Communications and Engagement Officer.

Access the workbook to register: Green Impact Workbook


2021/22 Timeframe

Timetable for 2020/21 Green Impact schedule
 Michaelmas Term

12 October: Launch event

24 November: Project Workshop

 Lent Term

7 March: Reaching the Finish Line event

 Summer Term

29 April: Workbook submission deadline

17 May: Auditing

30 May: Celebration of Sustainability

2021/22 Teams (updated 07/03/22)

  • Bankside (Hall)
  • Butler's Wharf (Hall)
  • Catering
  • Department of Geography and Environment
  • Department of Government
  • Department of Management
  • Department of Methodology
  • Estates Division
  • Events Team
  • Finance Division
  • High Holborn (Hall)
  • Human Resources Division
  • Library
  • LSE Careers
  • Marshall Research Institute
  • Passfield House (Hall)
  • Rosebery (Hall)
  • Student Marketing and Recruitment


Previous Years

Our 2020/21 programme focused on the School's Sustainability Strategic Plan. 18 teams took part with 55 team members, together delivering over 800 sustainability actions at the School, engaging 400 colleagues and saving an estimated 35,571kg CO2 and £14,175!