Green Impact

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact is LSE's sustainability engagement programme where teams of staff and students on campus and in Halls of Residence work to reduce the School's environmental impact, receiving awards for their work and celebrating our impact.

Green Impact 2020/21

This year's Green Impact will launch on Monday 26 October and will close in Summer Term. Our theme is the School's Sustainability Strategic Plan, building on the work of last years #SustainableLSE Consultation. Access the workbook here.

Want to find out more and register for next year's Green Impact?

Email our Sustainability Engagement Officer

2020/21 programme timeframe

September - April 2020/21

Staff and students email the Sustainability Engagement Officer to register your interest/teams.

Michaelmas Term

W0: Workbook Opens

W5: Launch Event 

W9: Drop-in event

W11: Project application funding deadline (TBC)

Spring Term

W1: Get Together and Refresher Event

W5: Drop-in event

W9: Reaching the Finish Line Event

Summer Term

T-1: Workbook submission deadline

W2: Auditing

W5: Celebration of Sustainability


Staff involvement

  • Ask around in your office to see if a Green Impact team already exists.
  • Get in touch with the Sustainability Engagement Officer to register your interest and receive the online access code:
  • Log on or register yourself to an existing team on the Green Impact Workbook. If there isn't an existing team, create a new one. 
  • Key documents and actions for teams to complete can be found on the Green Impact Workbook. At the end of the programme year, teams upload and submit evidence of their actions and projects to be audited.

Student involvement

Green Impact provides excellent skills development opportunities for LSE students. 

Students can form their own Green Impact team. Simply email our Sustainability Engagement Officer to register your interest.

You can also be part of your department or halls of residence team. Enquire within your department and/or halls or ask the Sustainability Engagement Officer if they have an active team.

Ongoing support

The Sustainability Engagement Officer supports teams throughout the programme through meetings, workshops and email support as required. Email:

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