Green Impact

Join LSE's staff sustainability engagement programme, coordinated by the Sustainability Team and charity Students Organising for Sustainability. We have the longest running Green Impact programme in the world!

“I have really enjoyed following the Green Impact workbook this year alongside my teammates, to improve the sustainability of our department, motivate colleagues, and feel like I’m making a tangible contribution towards sustainability at LSE.”

Green Impact Team (2023)

What is Green Impact?

Green Impact has been designed to bring teams together to learn more about sustainability and raise awareness both of what LSE is up to, but more importantly, to enable staff to become more engaged with sustainability in its various forms. It focuses on continual improvement, collaboration and meaningful change.

Green Impact teams complete criteria from a themed workbook. Most of the criteria is left for teams to complete at their own pace across the academic year, but participating teams must have all their evidence uploaded by the auditing deadline in May each year, when auditing begins! At the end of the year teams are presented with their achieved award level at an awards ceremony. Click here for more information. Watch this 10-minute introduction video by the Programme Coordinator, and scroll down this Sway, to learn more. 

How can I take part?

1. Ask your Department/Division/Institute/Residence if they have an active Green Impact team you can join. If there's not an existing team then ask around to try and recruit an additional member or two! Click here to access the Green Impact site.

2a) Joining an existing team? Contact the Programme Coordinator, Kate, on to be added to the Green Impact mailing list and Teams group.

2b) Starting a new team? Great! You will need to register that team by emailing Kate on, and we'll also add everyone to the mailing list and Teams group.

2023/24 Timeframe

Timetable for 2020/21 Green Impact schedule
Autumn Term

14 August 23: Green Impact launched (workbook and guidance available)

October: Launch event on 25 October 23, timings tbc.

 Winter Term

January: Halfway there workshop

April: Reaching the Finish Line workshop

 Spring Term

10 May 24: Evidence submission deadline

22 May 24: Student Auditing

June 24: Award levels announced (through Awards Ceremony)

Throughout the year

Support in the form of drop-in sessions, check-ins by the project coordinator, ad-hoc events; and monthly emails and a dedicated Green Impact Teams Channel.

2023/24 Teams (as of 30/11/23)

  • Department of Government, LSE Law School, LSE GRI, Department of Sociology, Department of Methodology, Department of Statistics, CPEC, LSE Careers, LSE Catering in Halls, LSE Catering on Campus, LSE Cities, LSE Estates and Phelan US Centre, Passfield Halls of Residence and Rosebery Halls of Residence, LSE Marshall Institute, Executive Office, Bankside Halls of Residence, Carr Saunders Halls of Residence, Finance Division,  Student Marketing, Recruitment and Study Abroad, International Inequalities Institute, High Holborn Halls of Residence and University of London Programmes, CEP, Butlers Wharf Halls of Residence, LSE Philosophy, Department of Social Policy, LSE Library, Data Science Institute, LSE Online and LSE Communications Division.

2022/23 Teams

  • Platinum: Department of Government, Department of Management, Department of Methodology, LSE Careers, LSE Catering in Halls, LSE Catering on Campus, LSE Cities, LSE Estates and Phelan US Centre
  • Gold: Passfield Halls of Residence and Rosebery Halls of Residence
  • Silver: Bankside Halls of Residence, Carr Saunders Halls of Residence, Finance Division, High Holborn Halls of Residence and University of London Programmes.
  • Bronze: Butlers Wharf Halls of Residence and LSE Events

Our 2022/23 programme theme was based on the School's Future Ways of Working campaign. 26 teams took part, with 18 receiving an award. View the report here.

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