Waste and recycling

The School has a ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ policy:   This is achieved by working together to follow the ‘waste hierarchy’ – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. 


Individual action can have a big impact collectively so recycle responsibly, recycle right! Use the guide below to know where to put items.

Importantly, no food or liquid should go into recycling bins. This can make other items in the recycling bin contaminated and no longer recyclable. If in doubt, keep it out!

 Bin diagram 07.2019

Bin clusters are located around campus, in kitchen areas, in offices and in shared spaces in halls of residence.

Everyone is responsible for separating their own waste into the correct bin. Individual desk bins will not be emptied by the cleaners.  

If you're unsure about an item or to report any issues with waste collection, please contact estates.sustainability@lse.ac.uk 

Special Recycling

There are points on campus to recycle batteries, mobile phones, CDs and DVDs, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) and stamps.  See locations on the campus map below, or contact the Sustainability Team for more information.  Please contact LSE Porters to arrange collection of toner, laserjet and inket cartridges by emailing: estates.porters@lse.ac.uk 

Destruction of confidential electronic data and disposal of WEEE waste is handled by our certified contractor, according to the appropriate compliance standards and guidelines. For further information about what happens to your electronic waste, please visit the Computer Disposals Limited (CDL) website.

Confidential waste

Contact LSE Porters to request blue hessian sacks with security tags. When the bags are two-thirds full, contact the Porters to arrange for their collection. Sacks must be locked overnight in a cupboard or secure bin.

Coffee pods

The School doesn’t offer a collection at this point as there is insufficient demand.

However, students or staff are able to locally club together and organise a collection. The most developed scheme is run by Nespresso, details here. They offer a free collection service, through post-back schemes, but also volunteers can drop of a bag of pods at various locations, which are close by.


Personal items for reuse should be taken to charities of your choice and not disposed of on campus.  Staff can join the LSE Skip facebook group to share unwanted items.


LSE runs a charity book donation scheme.  To give books please arrange collection by contacting LSE Porters, email estates.porters@lse.ac.uk  

Halls of Residence

All LSE-managed halls of residence have collection points for unwanted reusable items, known as ‘Relove’ points.

'Reloved’ items are donated to charity.  Accepted items are clothes, shoes and bedding (not duvets), books and stationery, kitchen equipment (cutlery accepted but nothing sharp), furniture, toiletries and cleaning products.

Get involved in Sustainable LSE - visit the LSE Sustainability webpages to find out more.

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