Confirmation of Award

This letter will confirm your award and degree classification, dates of attendance and the name of the programme you studied.


Your digital transcript is usually issued very soon after your final results are released.  The transcript is the most official proof of a degree.  A standard Confirmation of Award does not contin any information about your programme which is not also included in the transcript.   Please check your transcript to see if it will meet your needs before requesting a Confirmation of Award letter.  If you have not received your transcript but think you should have, please complete an online enquiry form.  Further information is available on the transcripts web page



Once you have graduated you may be asked to provide evidence of your degree. A Confirmation of Award letter will confirm:

  • your award and degree classification
  • dates of attendance
  • the name of the programme you studied
  • contact details for the LSE member of staff who produced it
    (for verification purposes) 

The Confirmation of Award letter is not a transcript and therefore does not confirm courses or individual marks. If you require a transcript then please see Transcripts.

The Confirmation of Award letter is available only after your results have been approved and released in LSE for You. You can request it by visiting the Student Services Centre during our opening hours.  

Alternatively, if you are a current student or have recently graduated and still have access to your LSE account, you can request a Confirmation of Award letter by completing an online enquiry form.  Please note that demand is very high in the period after results release, so responses may take longer than normal. 

If you are an alumni who is not recently graduated, you can request a Confirmation of Award letter by completing an external/alumni enquiry form.

It will typically be produced for you within three - five business days, but can take longer at peak periods.