Degree Certificates

for taught students

In line with LSE tradition, you do not need your degree certificate for graduation.

When you successfully complete your degree you will be issued with a Degree Certificate which is official, formal, confirmation of your award. Degree certificates are sometimes known as diplomas.

For details about how taught students can obtain degree certificates for taught programmes please expand the relevant section below. PhD students should contact the PhD Academy.

If your final classification was confirmed on or after 22 July 2023

This means that you had a full set of marks, met the requirements for your award and were emailed with your final result after 22 July 2023. These awards were made later than usual as a result of the marking and assessment boycott.

The Student Records Team will contact you individually to discuss how you can obtain your degree certificate.

We will contact you using your LSE email address, shortly after you receive your final results email. Please wait for this email before getting in touch - it will contain all the information that you need. 

If your final classification was confirmed between 14 and 21 July 2023

This means that you had a full set of marks, met the requirements for your award and were emailed with your final result between 14 July and 21 July 2023 inclusive. This includes RDAP2 students who received an award between 14 July and 21 July 2023 inclusive, even though their graduation ceremony is in December.

Collection during graduation (recommended)

Degree certificates for taught students were made available for collection during graduation.

Delivery by Royal Mail / Courier

If your certificate was not collected during graduation it will be sent to you within eight working weeks. Your certificate will be sent to the permanent home address listed in LSE for You using Royal Mail first class (for UK addresses) or DHL's secure courier service (for overseas addresses). DHL deliveries will need to be signed for on receipt.

It is essential that your permanent home address, email address and local phone number are up to date in LSE for You. This will ensure that your certificate is sent to the right place and will allow the courier to arrange delivery where appropriate. Please ensure these details are correct on LSE for You by 30 June 2023 at the latest. 

If you have not updated your address, your certificate may be sent to an incorrect address and you will need to pay for any replacements, and courier costs if you need express delivery. If you are unsure about your address at the time we will post, please enter an alternative address where you can safely receive your certificate.

The vast majority of certificates safely reach their destination no matter where in the world they are being sent to. However, if you have not received your certificate within eight weeks of your ceremony please submit an enquiry promptly (for July 2023 awards, contact us by 31 October 2023).  We need to leave reasonable time for delivery, but we may not be able to investigate the whereabouts of your certificate if you contact us too late.

Collection from the Student Services Centre (in exceptional circumstances)

In exceptional circumstances, you can arrange for your certificate to be collected from the Student Services Centre after the graduation ceremonies.  If you would like to do this, please submit an enquiry form with the subject "Collect certificate at SSC". We will then reply to let you know when your certificate is ready to collect. Please remember that you must collect your certificate yourself, it is not possible for somebody else to collect it on your behalf.

If you have a provisional classification

This means you have missing marks and we are not yet able to make a final classification.

Because you do not have a final classification will not produce a degree certificate. 

Instead, we will attempt to make an award with a provisional classification. If you have enough marks for an award with a provisional classification we will issue you with an Digital Award Document, Interim Transcript and a letter explaining your circumstances. These will be PDF documents and will be sent to you by email. 

We will issue your hard copy degree certificate as soon as we're able to make a final classification. At this point we will explain the options for obtaining your certificate. 

If your final classification was confirmed in March 2023 or earlier

All certificates for students who graduated in or before March 2023 should have been received by now.  If you have not yet received your certificate, please contact us through our enquiry form as soon as possible. If you do not inform us of non-receipt in good time, it may be more difficult to trace your certificate and you may be charged for a replacement. 


Got a question?

For more general information, including details about replacement degree certificates please read our Degree Certificate FAQs



Given LSE's rich history there are some exceptions to the degree certificate process for certain students:

  • PhD students - Research graduates should contact the PhD Academy to make arrangements to collect their certificates.

  • MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Finance - The University of London produce certificates for MSc in Health Policy, Planning and Finance so they cannot be collected from LSE.

  • Students who were awarded before 2008 - If you were awarded before 2008 you will have been issued with a degree certificate by the University of London. For queries regarding University of London degree certificates, please contact