Looking for support for your English-language skills?

If English is not your first language, there are plenty of ways you can improve and practise using the English language for your academic work.

These courses are provided by the Language Centre. If you have further questions about English language courses at LSE, contact Alison Standring or Mike McGarvey for more information.

English for Academic Writing Courses

English for Academic Writing Courses are available for any undergraduate or postgraduate student, who speaks English as a foreign language and who would like a weekly English language class to help with academic writing for coursework throughout MT and LT. 

In this course you’ll 

  • have a weekly class about key aspects of using English in academic writing, related to the general subject area you are studying
  • work with a specialist English language teacher throughout the year (including weekly office hours reserved specially for students on the course)
  • meet and practise English with other students in your department

The course begins in week 2 of the Michaelmas Term. Classes meet once a week, for one hour and run through both Michaelmas Term (weeks 2-10) and Lent Term (weeks 2-10). There are seven different English for Academic Writing courses, designed for students in different departments. 

They are offered at various times and days of the week. Once you select your class date and time, your class will be on the same day and at the same time for the rest of the academic year. 

To find out more about each course and to book your place, click below. Sessions will be available to book during Welcome. 

LN991: Economic History, European Institute, Government, International History, International Relations, School of Public Policy, and Marshall Institute

LN992: Law

LN993: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, and Statistics

LN994: Media & Communications, Philosophy, Logic & Scientific Method, and Psychological and Behavioural Science

LN995: Geography & Environment and International Development

LN996: Anthropology, Gender Studies, Social Policy, Health Policy, and Sociology

LN997: Management and Methodology


  • If the class you wish to register for is full please join the waiting list and you will be sent an invitation should a space become available. Feel free to join another one in the meantime if you can attend.
  • Should you have any questions or issues after registration please contact the teacher of your class. This includes requests to change class or cancel the class.
  • Please remember the teachers of these courses all have office hours too and you can make a booking via the Student Hub. Please search for them by their name.

Class Teachers

LN991: Michael Beaney

LN992: Mike McGarvey 

LN993: Jim Pavitt 

LN994: Jim Pavitt 

LN995: Simon Roberts 

LN996: Simon Roberts 

LN997: Simon Mathews