Manage your data and research materials


Amongst communities of researchers, research data is considered a valuable asset to be looked after carefully and shared whenever possible.  For any individual researcher, your data and files are what allow you to complete your project!  Make a good plan to collect, use, save, preserve, and possibly share the data you collect - and make sure your files are safe and useable throughout your project.


What kind of things do I need to consider?

If you're thinking about conducting dissertation research that involves collecting your own data (like surveys, interviews, social media analysis), you'll want a plan for how you’ll manage your data and keep it secure. You might even need to submit your Data Management Plan in your department. Check with your supervisor or your course's Moodle page to see if this applies to you. 


Who can I speak to?

Research data one-to-one support: data management, protection, copyright, and ethics is a session that runs every Thursday afternoon. Whether your questions are about how to ensure your research participants can give you informed consent, how to protect their privacy and anonymity, or ways you can organise and back up your data and work so you don’t have to worry about lost or corrupted files - come meet the team of experts on research ethics, data management, data protection, and copyright. If you can't make these sessions, contact with any questions about data resources and research. 

You could ask...

  • What are good ways to store stuff so my files don't get mixed up, lost or corrupted?
  • Are there tools to help me organise my notes and references from texts?
  • How can I protect personal data and ensure participants' anonymity?


Events and resources

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Practical tips for

organising, storing and backing up your data

ethical use and storage of social media data

managing interview data

Write your data management plan

Get your data and resources in shape

What is a data management plan and how do I write one?

How can I anonymise my data?

What are some file format options for saving my work and my data?

How can I keep my data safe?


What next?

How will you analyse your data?

How does your data help you tell your research story?