LSE100 Office hours

These are the times at which you will be able to find your LSE100 class teacher in their rooms during term time. You are free to come and see your teacher at the time given below and no appointment is necessary.

If you need to see someone more urgently, please arrange an appointment by email, or contact the LSE100 Office.

All office hours take place in 20 Kingsway. 



Primary email

Dr Sarah  Ashraf

Thu 15:15-16:15 in KSW.3.01

Dr Emmanuelle Blanc

Mon 14:00-15:00 in KSW.3.01

Dr Chris  Blunt

Thu 15:00-16:00 in KSW.4.12 

Dr Alessandro  Castellini

Tue 15:00-16:00 in KSW.3.01

Dr Rosie  Coffey 

Thu 16:30-17.30
Friday 10:30-11:30
in KSW.2.01

Sarah Correia

Tue 12:30-13:30 in KSW.3.01

Emily Cousens

Thu 15:15-16:15 in KSW.3.01

Dr Marina  Franchi

Tue 15:00-16:00 in KSW.3.01 

Jacqueline Gibbs

Mon 13:30-14:30 (all term)              

Mon 15:00-1600 (weeks 5 & 10)          in KSW.4.05

Dr Athanasios Gkoutzioulis

Mon 13:30-14:30                                  Friday 12:00- 13:00                                in KSW.3.01

Dr Joanne Kalogeras

Mon 15:30 16:30                   
Tue 11:00-12:00   
in KSW.3.01

Dr Patrick  Kimunguyi

Mon 12:30-13:30 in KSW.2.01

Joseph (Joe)  Lane

Mon 15:00-16:00 in KSW.3.01

Dr Aura Lehtonen

Mon 12:00-13:00 (all term)                 Thu 13:30-14:30 (weeks 4, 5, 10 & 11)    
in KSW.2.01

Dr Rahoul  Masrani

Thur 14:00-15:00 in KSW.2.01

Alex Mayhew

Mon 14:30-15:30 in KSW.3.01

Dr Magdalena  Mikulak

Mon 11:45-12:45 in KSW 2.01

Dr Rian  Mulcahy 

Thu 15:30-16:30 in KSW 2.01

Dr Maria Norris

Mon 11:30-12:30 in KSW.2.01

Priyanka Pandey

Mon 15:30-16:30 in KSW.3.01 

Dr Jessica  Templeton

Thu 10:00-11:00 in KSW.4.06

Dr Jillian  Terry

Thu 15:00-16:00 in KSW.4.11 

Dr Michiel  van Ingen

Wed 13:00-14:00 in KSW.3.01

Marta  Wojciechowska

Tue  11:00-12:00 in KSW.4.05