Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen

Dr Nina Vindum Rasmussen

LSE Fellow


Office Hours
Thursdays at 11:30-12:30, KSW 2.01 (Visit Student Hub to book a slot)
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Danish, English
Key Expertise
Algorithmic Culture, Media Production, Digital Platforms, Cultural Labour

About me

Nina’s research investigates how digital technologies impact the way we work, create, and live, especially in the context of cultural/media production. Before joining the LSE, Nina carried out her doctoral research in KCL's Department of Culture, Media and Creative Industries with funding from the London Arts and Humanities Partnership. Her PhD thesis (‘Data, Camera, Action: Screen Production in a Streaming Era’) examines how European film and TV workers make sense of their collaborations with data-driven players like Netflix and Amazon. As a result, Nina has gained insight into the ways these streamers shape production processes, industry structures, and screen content.

Prior to moving to the UK, Nina studied Film and Media at the University of Copenhagen and spent semesters abroad in both the US and Australia. She then went on to work on a municipal initiative that transformed Copenhagen’s Harbour into a hub for arts and culture. On this project, she collaborated with artists and local associations to organise events in the harbour water (think synchronised swimming, raft concerts, and waterbombing championships).

Nina thoroughly enjoys teaching and has taught on both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. She is always trying to develop her teaching skills and use of creative pedagogies.


AHRC-funded PhD studentship offered by the London Arts and Humanities Partnership, 2018-2022.

Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA), 2021.

 TV PhD (AHRC/Edinburgh TV Festival talent scheme), 2019.

Conferences and Public Events

November 2022: AoIR. Paper: ‘The Netflix Machine: How European Screen Workers Interpret and Interact with Streaming Data.’ Organised by the Association of Internet Researchers. Dublin, Ireland.

June 2022: Global Digital Cultures Conference. Paper: ‘Data, Camera, Action! How Screen Workers Interact with Data and Algorithms in a Streaming Era.’ Organised by Global Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam. Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

March 2021: Let’s Talk Screenwriting. Invited talk: ‘Algorithms and AI: Shaking Up Screenwriting in Europe.’ Organised by Utrecht University. Online.

October 2020: AoIR. Video paper: ‘Data, Camera, Action: How Algorithms Are Shaking up European Screen Production.’ Organised by the Association of Internet Researchers. Online.

January 2020: MeCCSA. Paper: ‘Data, Camera, Action: How Algorithms Are Shaking up European Cinema.’ Organised by the Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association. Brighton, UK.

October 2019: Automating Communication in the Networked Society. Paper: ‘Algorithms as Creative Partners: How Automation Affects European Cinema.’ Organised by the German Communication Association. Berlin, Germany.

November 2016: European Co-Production Symposium. Paper: ‘European Co-Productions in a Digital Single Market: EUtopia or Dystopia?’ Arranged by the International Co-production Research Network. Copenhagen, Denmark.


Rasmussen, N. V. (2018). 'European Co-productions in a Digital Single Market: EUtopia or Dystopia?' In: J. Hammett-Jamart, P. Mitric, and E. N. Redvall (Eds.), European Film and Television Co-production: Policy and Practice, pp. 105-120. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.